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What to do when you have car problems

On our recent tour to Flagstaff, one of our members had car trouble that eventually required him to abort the tour and return home.  Upon noticing he was missing we were very concerned as to the status of his mechanical issue  and we had difficulty contacting him as he was out of radio range. Finally one of our members discovered she had his cell number and we called him but got his answering service and we left a message. He eventually received the message and phoned back telling us the nature of the problem and that he was returning home. I do think this event gives us an opportunity to improve the Club experience.

One of the great benefits of traveling with the Club, instead of by yourself, is the opportunity for assistance should problems occur.  And, a number of times, folks have benefited from being with the Group. With a small Group, it is pretty simple to call on the radio and get help. But, with larger Groups it can become problematic to determine who is in trouble, and where they are before, everybody is out of radio range. With this in mind, we have recently published and sent out the current member cell phone list to all members. Please keep a copy in the glove box of your Z.

In the future, the procedure for an ailing vehicle will be to keep track of who’s vehicles are near you. (sometimes easier said than done) So that you can let someone behind you know that you are stopping. Call out on the radio that you are planning on stopping, and turn your emergency flashers ON.  Make part of “Tail-end Charlie’s” role, to watch for and stop with any Zs that are pulled over.  The object here is to get notification of the disabled vehicle ASAP before radio range becomes a problem and then let the rest of the group know of the disabled car. Communication on either the radio or cell phone is the next step and from there we will attempt to sort things out for the disabled vehicle.

Assuming all members have the cell phone list with them the first thing they should do if they have a vehicle issue is to contact any other member on the tour by radio or cell phone so assistance can be initiated.

This is all pretty much common sense but you might want to print this out and keep it in the glove box along with the cell phone list.

Paul Ebeyer, President

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