Here is the information for the January 25th, 2003 Club Tour. 

This one is a bit different from our usual drives and one we haven’t done in a long time. We’re trying to keep the length of this drive on the conservative side since most of us will still be in the shadow of the holidays and the sometimes hectic agenda connected with them. RSVP needed.

Overall look……..we’ll be departing Fountain Hills (the parking lot of the Comfort Inn, on the south side of Shea, west of the Beeline and just west of the Texaco station) and driving to Payson for a comfort break at the casino. We will then back track down Hwy 87 approximately 20 miles and take the route 188 cut off to the East. This will take us through Pumpkin Center, Roosevelt Lake and Globe where we will probably stop again for a comfort break. The route is very scenic and also fun to drive in our Zs even though there are not many tight twisty roads. We’ll return from Globe the usual way via Hwy 60 to Apache Jct. There, we will pick up state route 88 North via Idaho Rd. and follow it to the Mining Camp restaurant for a banquet dinner. The menu, a map, and others details, can be found at This restaurant is a long time historical site and a Valley landmark. Following dinner, we’ll all manage to find a way home. 

Details …….. Please arrive in Fountain Hills at 12:45 PM with a full fuel tank. We’ll depart at 1:00PM on the first leg of the trip to Payson. With a few stops along the way, we estimate 4 hours to arrive at the restaurant which should be about 5:00 PM. Please email your RSVP because an accurate head count is required for the restaurant. All we need is a "yes", "no" or "maybe", with a later follow up on the "maybe." Thank you. There may be some members who cannot attend the touring part but may chose to meet the group at the restaurant at 5 PM. In any case, let us know if that will be your agenda so we won’t be expecting you on the tour itself.

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