We have completed the plan for the July 24th Dinner drive to Prescott. 

We will use the two normal starting points for this trip, the first is at the NE corner of Pinnacle Peak Rd and Scottsdale Rd near the Giant gas station. Plan to arrive at 3:15 PM and we'll depart at 3:30 PM. We'll make our way to the second starting point, the Albertson's parking lot on Carefree Hwy about 1/2 mile east of Interstate 17, north side of the street. We should arrive there at about 3:50PM. At 4 PM (approximately) the two groups will head west on Carefree Hwy toward Wickenburg. DO NOT SPEED IN THE VICINITY OF LAKE PLEASANT, as the Peoria police have "bracelets" that fit the wrists of all speeders. We will have a 15 minute stop at McDonald's in Wickenburg. Out approximate ETA at the Grill is set for 6 to 6:30

After departing from Wickenburg, we will drive the usual route up through Yarnell Hill and Hwy 89 to Prescott through the Prescott National Forest. Watch your speed on Yarnell Hill as "Arizona's Finest" may be lurking about. Previous July trips on this route usually have a promise of cooler weather once we hit the town of Yarnell. If your top is up and you want to lower it, this is a good place to do it and we'll stop the caravan to accommodate this. Please keep your club radio tuned in for instructions.

The balance of the drive is pretty straight forward until we arrive at the outskirts of Prescott. We will be entering the town from Hwy 89 which becomes White Spar Rd for a short distance and then becomes Montezuma Street after a left hand turn. Stay on Montezuma Street past Goodwin St and Whiskey row; the Courthouse will be on your right. The next street is Gurley, turn left and drive about 1/4 mile. The Gurley Street Grill will be on your right hand side at the corner of Gurley Street and Granite. There is a large bank owned parking lot NW of the Grill with suitable parking. You can see the lot when you turn right off Gurley St on to Granite, the lot will be 45 degrees to your left. If you get lost phone the Grill at 928 445 3388 or try to call up another member on the club radio.

We have a banquet room reserved upstairs, just mention the BMW Z3 Club. We can order off the full menu and this usually takes a bit longer to get served but since we're trying to get away from the heat it doesn't matter. This will also place us in cooler weather on the return trip. Some of the members may elect to drive home on the freeway and others will return on the same route as when coming up. This can be determined during the dinner so we will all know where we are supposed to be and when. We'll probably fill the fuel tanks in Prescott and this usually works best upon arrival rather than after dinner. Very often, the fuel stop can be an element that unintentionally splits the group and someone gets lost or separated from the main body. However, you have detailed directions in this newsletter so you should be able to find the Grill regardless of where you decide to stop for fuel. I usually find it less confusing if I stop at a convenient station while entering town and then get back on the same navigation track.

Please have a full fuel tank when starting the trip and remember to bring your club radio. We do need your RSVP so we will have an accurate count for the restaurant. I have to provide this to them ahead of time so please, let's hear from you. So far, we have 5 members signed up for the trip: Swan, Jackson, Ebeyer, Blezenski (all the way from Tucson) and Hunt. Surely, we can do better then this motley crew (yes, we can, and stop calling me surely!)  Let's have some more join in.

Thanks Paul Ebeyer, President

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