11/6/04 - Verde Valley Train Ride

Update 10/24: 

One last bit of info: A memo from Mike Beveridge. Please have your checks prepared ahead of time and give them to Mike.

I am holding 28 reservations now at the Blazin' M Ranch. I will need a check from everyone to cover the cost of the meal at the ranch for $21.15 each or $42.30/couple...normal cost is $47.70/couple. Members can write out the checks to Mike Beveridge.


OK.. as of today 10/11, we have 15 couples signed up for the Nov 6th Verde Valley Train ride. We have to sign an agreement and pay with one check which the club will write and the members can reimburse the club. ($107.90 per couple after the 10% discount) We will probably collect from the members on the day of departure. Please have a check made out to the club for the proper amount in order to expedite this operation. The club officers will collect the checks and turn them over to the Treasurer.

The cutoff date for train reservations is 10/18 at noon. Come the 18th, If you're signed up you're committed to pay up whether you attend or not.

Anybody else can join in between now and the 18th, just send me an email indicating you will attend.

We can get a whole car to ourselves if we have at least 23 members sign up. (done!) The cost of a first class ticket is $53.95 which includes a 10% discount for groups over 20 people. (we qualify) The first class ticket includes a buffet of snacks and finger foods and one drink...They ask to pay for the whole group by one person to get this discount. They can provide special parking for the cars up next to the train...

More details on the trip and the logistics will be forthcoming.


Paul Ebeyer, President.

OK............here's the final (I hope) info for the train ride on Nov 6th.

depart: Albertson's parking lot @ Carefree Hwy about 1/4 mile East of I 17, North side of street. Arrive about 9:00 AM with a full fuel tank and club radio. Depart about 9:15 AM. We'll take the I 17 Hwy north to the 260 turnoff. DO NOT USE THE CORDES JCT TURNOFF, HWY 69 TOWARD PRESCOTT Continue north on Hwy I 17 toward Camp Verde and the 260 turnoff is slightly north of Camp Verde. Hwy 260 will take us to Cottonwood and then to Clarkdale. Follow the Z car in front of you.

Please keep the caravan tight as we travel. There is no reason to have 300 years of space between the cars. It invites "strangers" to pop into the line and before you know it, there's 2 miles between the lead and tail cars. The driver of the lead car "worries" about keeping the group together, so let's make his/her job easier and insure that nobody gets left behind.

The plan is to arrive ahead of time so we will not be rushed at the destination. A group lunch has been arranged at Murphy's in Cottonwood, (747 South Main Street, Cottonwood) for approximately noon. I'm not sure where Murphy's is but we'll be meeting up with Mike and Kathy, locals, and they will lead the way. Murphy's:928 634 7272

There will probably be some extra time to walk through the tourist traps in Cottonwood before lunch. We estimate that we will be leaving Murphy's at about 1:15 PM and Mike will lead us to Clarkdale and the train station @ 300 North Broadway, Clarkdale 877 674 3835

We are getting a private car for our group and we'll be indoors. One complimentary soft drink and finger food is included in the first class ticket. They have a bar for mixed drinks and beer, pay as you go. We're supposed to be at the depot around 1:30 and the train leaves at 2:30. The trip is about 4 hours so we should be back around 6:30. I would imagine a camera with a wide angle and telephoto lens would be required if you're into the photography thing. A good set of binoculars would also be suggested for spotting wildlife.

Dinner has been arranged for the group at the Blazing M Ranch chuck wagon style including entertainment. I assume Mike will take the lead and get us there. http://www.blazinm.com/ plenty of details on their web site. Their web site said they are 5 minutes from the train depot so this should be easy.

As far as I know, nobody is staying overnight in Cottonwood. It's cooled off up north so bring appropriate clothing. You may need extra clothing in the coach........I don't have any details on that.The drive home will probably be chilly if the top is down.

I think that pretty much covers the bases. I assume everyone will be staying for the group dinner and we'll probably drive home caravan style following the same route we used going up.

Your check should already be mailed to the Treasurer but if not, please have it ready to turn over to one of the club officers during lunch. If I've left out anything, please let me know, otherwise, I'll see you all on Nov 6th.

Thank you for supporting the club and the events...............what a jolly group. Be sure to thank Mike Beveridge who came up with the idea for this event and did all the organizing.



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