Plans for 6/18/05's the final plan. We'll be headed to Sedona to the Heartline Cafe for lunch.
Info and directions are at their web site so please print out your own map just in case you need it...... Also included at the bottom of this email.
We will have a private banquet room which is factored into the price of the meals and an 18% gratuity is added to the meal price. Soft drinks are $2.00 each. The banquet room is a separate building from the main restaurant so we cannot order off the main menu, they will set up a buffet for us with the following:  $15.95 per person   I spoke with 3 different sources and was told this is a great place to eat with wonderful ambiance and great food. The Trout is their specialty.
They have another group coming in after us so we have to be out of the room by 3:30 PM. We do want to have the final planning meeting for the Colorado tour, so hopefully, everyone who plans on attending the Colorado tour will also attend this drive and planning meeting. All members are welcome to sit at the planning meeting if they wish.
We'll meet at 8:30AM on Saturday June 18th at the Albertson's shopping center on the north side of Carefree Hwy just East of the I 17 intersection. At 8:45 AM we'll head toward Wickenburg where we will have the usual comfort stop for 10 or 15 minutes. Then up the hill on Hwy 89 to Yarnell and the back way into Prescott. If another comfort break is needed, we'll work it out at a convenient location and communicate the stop by club radio. We will continue on via 89A to Jerome, Clarkdale, Cottonwood and finally to Sedona. I estimate our arrival time at 12:30 PM approximately.  We should be able to reach Sedona without a fuel stop if we all start with a full tank. We can fuel the cars after lunch and the meeting. Please bring along all your meeting notes, maps, tour guides and whatever else you may have stashed away for the tour planning.
I will need an RSVP for a head count for the restaurant, so please let me know ASAP
Paul Ebeyer, President

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