August, 20, 2005 Club Event


We'll be going to Williams, AZ on Saturday Aug 20th. The main attraction is a car show we heard about but we have no details. In any case, it's a nice drive and something a little different. Since we'll all be walking around looking at cars, we'll be separated, so there is no group lunch. When we arrive as a group, we'll formulate a plan with time and location to meet for the return trip if you wish to travel with the group. Williams, AZ is part of the original Route 66 and there are a lot of historic sites in and around the town. I believe they have a route 66 museum.

We'll meet at the Albertson's parking lot on Carefree Hwy just East of Int 17 at 8:15 AM and depart at 8:30. We'll take the usual route to Lake Pleasant, Wickenburg (short comfort stop) and then on into Prescott. We'll pick up Rt 89 out of Prescott (not 89A) toward Ash Fork where we will get on Int. 40 East and head direct to Williams.

Please arrive at the starting point with a full fuel tank and your club radio. I would appreciate an email if you plan to attend, just so we will know how many cars to expect.


Paul Ebeyer, President

We should be able to make Williams without refueling en route. We can gas up in Williams for the return trip. As a matter of fact, perhaps on the way into town, we can select a gas station for refueling and a meeting point for the return drive.

When we enter Prescott coming in from Wickenburg, we'll enter town northbound on Montezuma Street. Turn right on Goodwin ( 1 block) and take it to Washington Street which is 5 streets east. Turn left on Washington to Gurley Street which is 2 streets north of Goodwin. Turn right on Gurley Street and keep following it through the bends. It may also be marked Hwy 89 North (NOT 89A which intersects 89 on the far northeast side of the city) At the intersection of 89 and 89A, continue north on 89 and the signs will probably say "Ashfork, Williams, Grand Canyon." Turning right will take you to Jerome and Cottonwood.......the wrong way for this trip

We'll stay on 89 until we get to Hwy 40, the freeway.........turn east and head toward Williams. Not sure exactly how far it is, maybe 12 to 15 miles.

It looks like we'll have cool, clear weather for this drive, let's hope it doesn't rain up there. Looking forward to the drive and we'll see you all on Saturday.

Please arrive with a full fuel tank and your club radio. Wearing club clothing is also a nice touch :-) 

Paul Ebeyer, President

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