January 21, 2006


All members: Below is the route guide for the club tour on Jan 21st, Saturday. We had considered the Tubac drive but we abandoned the idea for several reasons. The Roosevelt Lake drive is loaded with beautiful scenery and the January weather will probably be very mild.

The route guide shows lunch at the Country Kitchen in Globe but we learned that the restaurant has closed. Our Tripmeister, Mike Hunt is searching out alternatives and as soon as he tells me what the selection is, I'll email the updated info to you. At least you know what the tour will be on the 21st and can plan ahead for it.

Roosevelt Lake/Globe Jan. 21st, 2006 Route Guide - REV A

Departure: Please gather at the Target (a French company) shopping center parking lot Saturday morning. Give your self enough time to greet your fellow travelers, fuss with your radio, go to the bathroom, etc. in order to be ready to depart the parking lot at 0900 hrs. The starting point, Target shopping center, is located in Fountain Hills on the SE corner of Shea Blvd and Saguaro Blvd. It is a large, shopping center sized, parking lot ,and the Target store is easily visible from Shea Blvd. We meet at the far east end of the lot close to Shea Blvd.

We will proceed north on Hwy 87 for 48 miles to the Junction with Hwy 188. Turn right on to the 188 heading for Punkin Center and Lake Roosevelt (the former President, not the latter). The road pretty much parallels Tonto Creek to where it used to flow into the Salt River. Of course, it flows into the lake now. About 33 miles from the Junction we will cross a bridge which spans an arm of the Lake. Below (South) of the bridge, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the tallest brick dam in the U.S. About 5 miles past the bridge, we will come to the entrance to Tonto National Monument on the right side of the road. Let's drive up to the picnic area for a view of the lake. After looking around, we will continue southeast on 188. Which merges with Hwy 88 in about 9 miles. 15 miles from that Junction we will turn left onto Hwy 60, headed East to Globe.

How did Globe get that name anyway? Seems some early prospectors discovered a silver nugget that resembled a world globe. Or it was copper, bullshitters disagree. As we head into Globe, we will pass Santee St., Haskins Road, then turn left onto Hackney Ave. There are a couple of blocks of Hwy 60 that are divided. Right after we remerge to two-way, we come to Hackney. After the left, we turn right, in about a block, on to Broad Street. We will arrive at Kelly's Broadstreet Brewery on the left at 190 N. Broad St. www.kellysbroadstreetbrewery.com 928-425-0379

"Hackney", there is an interesting word. It can be a noun, a verb, or an adjective. Wonder if they rented carriages on this street? Or maybe this is where the newspaper office was.

After lunch, we will head south on Broad. Broad St. which will cross Hwy 60, then come to a stop sign. There should be a sign directing us to Besh-ba-Gowah Archeological Park. Turn right onto Jesse Hayes Rd. Just past the Fire Station, we will turn right into the Park. We will have about an hour to explore the Salado Indian ruins and the museum. We will decide on a departure time while we are all still in the parking lot. There is a $3/person charge. If you are not interested in exploring the history of this unique tribe, you might want to drive back into Old Town for exploring/shopping. But we will use the Besh-ba-Gowah parking lot to gather up for the trip home.

Once we are all together again, we will drive back to Hwy 60, and head west toward Miami, Superior, and Mesa. Be careful going through Claypool and Miami, a well known speed trap area. It is about a 55 mile drive, through constantly changing eco-systems. By the way, Miami was originally pronounced "Mima", in honor of one of the founder's relatives. But some of the money guys were from Florida, and managed to get the spelling changed.

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