Club Drive - February 3, 2007

The club drive for January will be held on Saturday, Feb 3rd (good trick eh?) 

The destination is Tubac, Arizona, an artists community. We will meet at the intersection of Riggs Road and Arizona Ave in Chandler. There is a McDonalds on the southwest corner of that intersection. From there, proceed down Arizona Ave south to the Hunt Highway and pick up 87 south.. Do NOT take Hwy 87 south to Coolidge when you arrive at that intersection. Rather, continue east on hwy 387 or 287 ( it is numbered both ways) and the next way point is Florence. We'll take Hwy 79 south out of Florence to Oracle Junction where we will intersect with Hwy 77 south, also named Oracle Road. From there, we will continue 9 miles south on Oracle Road to Ina Road where we will turn right and go west to Flowing Wells Road (also named La Canada Drive) We'll turn left and continue south on Flowing Wells Road to Hwy 77 (also named miracle mile) Turn right (west) and go a short distance (about 1 mile) to Interstate 10 and look for the on ramp for 10 south. Get on the 10 south Fwy and follow it to the 260 exit which will put you on Hwy 19 south. From there, it is a straight shot south to the Cow Palace in Amado. The restaurant is on the west side of the hwy. I can't seem to find a map that locates it exactly but I'm sure there will be highway signs for us to follow once we get close by. After lunch, it's a short drive south on Hwy 19 to Tubac.

We'll be having lunch at the Cow Palace restaurant in Amado, AZ. Our estimated ETA is 12:15 PM. Once we arrive in Tubac, Let's try to park together and we will set a time to join up for the tour back home. If we mutually agree, we can add to the trip by stopping for a group dinner on the way back home. The most logical place to do this would be somewhere in Apache Junction, as it would allow sufficient time between lunch and dinner.

Fuel and comfort stops, as needed, will be added as we go.

Please send back your RSVP so I will have a head count for the restaurant and also, let me know if the dinner idea appeals to you. If you plan to walk through the shops, wear comfortable shoes. Please remember to bring your club radio and have a full tank of fuel at the starting point. I'll be looking for your RSVP and I'm most anxious to take this first tour in the new ///M. 

Paul Ebeyer, President

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