Alternative to the BEAT Drive, April 21-22, 2007

Update as of 3/31/07 

I am in the process of arranging a group dinner at the Copper Queen dining room at 7:00PM on Saturday evening. One of the deciding factors for selecting the Copper Queen is that it eliminates the hassle of moving our cars in the evening and returning to a full parking lot or being forced to select an unsafe parking spot. This way, we can walk to the restaurant and leave our vehicles parked. There are a couple participants who are staying at a B&B but parking upon there return from dinner should not be a problem.

Updated routing We will have a couple comfort/fuel breaks inserted in this agenda and they are included in the "time enroute" estimates.

We will meet in Mesa at 8:45 AM on Saturday the 21st and depart promptly at 9:00 AM. The meeting location is the SW corner of US 60 and Stapley Drive by the Starbucks coffee shop. Please arrive with a full fuel tank, your club radio, this agenda and an Arizona road map. The weather will be cooler at the higher elevations so bring along proper clothing. The Chiricahua Monument is a National Park so bring along any passes you have to avoid paying at the gate. If you do not have a pass, there will be a fee but I don't know how much it is. Mesa departure point to Globe hwy 60, 72 miles 1 hour 30 min Globe to Safford hwy 70, 77 miles 1 hour 30 minutes Safford to Wilcox hwy 191, 46 miles 45 minutes Wilcox to Monument hwy 191, 45 miles 45 minutes Monument to Bisbee hwy 191 to Douglas and hwy 80 to Bisbee 50 miles 45 minutes

There is still time to join in this tour if you are not already signed up. Rooms are being held at the Copper Queen until April 15th. Just email me and let me know you want to join in.

This is probably the last update we will have on this tour. If you have questions, just drop me an email.

Paul Ebeyer, President

Prior amended posting

We recently sent out an email calling attention to the 2007 BEAT Tour on April 21 and 22. Any of our members who are interested are encouraged to attend the event as they wish. Since that memo was sent, John Blezenski has offered us an alternative exclusive club tour for the same dates. His idea would be an overnight trip to the Chiricahua National Monument with an overnight stay in Bisbee or Silver City NM. If we stay in Silver City, there is a spectacular return route that the Dunns are familiar with and they can route that part out for us. (I just drafted them into this) This is a very scenic tour for the most part and would be a first for our club to visit the "monument."

We look forward to seeing many of our "regulars" and hopefully some new members as well.

Paul Ebeyer, President

Update 3/13:

We decided to meet in Mesa for a 9 AM departure on Saturday April 21st at the SE corner of US 60 and Stapley Drive. There is a Starbucks and that is where we will gather the cars.

We'll be heading East to Globe on Hwy 60 and we'll most likely take a 15 minute comfort break at a gas station on the East end of town. We'll most likely drive right through Safford without stopping but this could change.

Next stop is Wilcox for lunch then on to the Chiricahua Monument. The final leg on day one will be the trip from the Monument to Bisbee.

mesa to globe hwy 60 >>> 72 miles 1 hour 30 minutes 

globe to Safford hwy 70>>> 77 miles 1 hour 30 minutes 

Safford to Wilcox hwy hwy 191>>> 86 miles 1 hour 30 minutes 

Wilcox to Chiricahua monument hwy 

Monument to Bisbee hwy 191 to Douglas and hwy 80 to Bisbee >>> aprx 50 miles 45 minutes

Anyone joining in after 3.12/07 will have to contact Paul Ebeyer for hotel reservation information. You can reach me at

This is the meat and potatoes of the tour, smaller details may follow between now and tour day.

Paul Ebeyer, President


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