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June 21st Drive for Dinner


There is a change in the plan since I discovered the Christmas Tree Restaurant is apparently history!

We will be dining at the LiCano's restaurant at LiCano's in Show Low. I told them we would arrive at 6 PM for dinner. They are mailing me a map with directions. I printed something out on Google Maps but I believe there is an easier way of getting to the restaurant than what their directions show.

With all the trips we have made in the past to Show Low, it would be reasonable to expect that I would know the exact time in route without even thinking about it. However, being the pinhead that I am, I'm only guessing at about 2.5 hours with a 15 minute stop at the Casino in Payson. Google maps says it's 80 miles and of course their estimated time in route is 3 hours 46 minutes (that must be by motor scooter) If any of you have any different estimates, let me know. Right now I'm planning on leaving Fountain Hills at 3:30 PM and that should get us to LiCano's at 6 PM.

As always, we will meet at the Target shopping center in Fountain Hills at the corner of Saguaro and Shea Blvd's At 3:15 PM for a 3:30 departure. Meet at the far East end by the Subway shop. It is going to be hot so we're leaving exactly on time : Please arrive with a full fuel tank and your club radio, I don't think you will need your heavy jackets.

The lady at LiCano's said they have a beautiful dining room with large glass picture windows looking out on the forest and green belt. I asked her to seat us there where we will have a view. We'll be ordering off the menu with individual checks.

The web site with details on the restaurant is either non existent or not operating so I can't give you a preview of the selections. I am told they have "everything" so I think I'll order broiled electric eel !

These are the names I have so far. Please send me any additions, deletions, updates or whatever >>>>I will need something fairly accurate by the end of this week.


Paul Ebeyer, President

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