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Drive to, and lunch at, Mormon Lake

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The destination is Mormon Lake Lodge for lunch. There are no motorcycle groups scheduled for the 23rd but the Black Panthers are having their annual convention there (just kidding). 

We can have up to 24 souls and still order off the menu, any more than that and we have to go to a buffet arrangement. Therefore, I won't know that info until I get the responses from the members and count heads. We'll be in a semi private room which is required if we order from the menu, otherwise, we'll be in a private room with a buffet. Frankly, I doubt if we will have more than24 hungry souls on this tour but it could happen. 

We'll be leaving from the Target shopping center at Shea and Saguaro Boulevards in Fountain Hills, at the east end toward the Subway sandwich shop. Let's meet there at 10:15 AM and we'll depart at 10:30 AM sharp. Please arrive at the start with a full fuel tank and remember to bring your club radio fully charged or with extra batteries if it is the battery model.

We hope the weather won't be too hot but if it is, it will probably cool down as we hit the altitude in Payson. We'll have the customary 15 minute comfort break at the Payson Casino or the nearby gas station, and then continue up Hwy 87 and 260 to Strawberry, the rim, and Clint's Wells. At Clint's Wells, we'll branch off on 89A and head toward Mormon Lake. 

Be careful of the Elk !!!!!!!!!!!! 

Lunch is scheduled for 1 PM.

Fuel is available at the Lodge and at Clint's Wells. It has been quite a long time since the club visited Mormon Lake Lodge for an event.  It has its own charm (versus other places that must borrow their charm from someone else, I guess)

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Thank you for supporting the club.

I will need your RSVP, as usual, for the head count so if you can, please start sending in now.


Paul Ebeyer, President

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