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Club Christmas Lunch

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Here is the information you will need for the tour.

The attendance list appears at the bottom of this email. If you plan to attend and your name is not on the list, please notify me right away because I need to finalize these arrangements soon.

We will meet at 9:45 AM and depart at 10:00 AM sharp! I am intentionally allowing extra time for the trip which is estimated at 1.5 hours. Better to be early than late. We are scheduled to sit down and eat at 12:30. I understand the surrounding scenery is spectacular, bring your camera.

The departure point is the shopping center at the Southeast corner of Stapley and the US 60 next to the movie theatre. There is a Starbucks with a restroom and also a nearby gas station. At present count, there will be 20 cars leaving from the Valley, this is a very large caravan, let's do our best to stay together. Once we get on Hwy 79, the front runners will slow down and allow any back markers to catch up.

Please have a full fuel tank when you arrive and please remember to bring your club name tags and club radio.  Look HERE for a list handy in preparing for the trip.

We will depart eastbound on the 60 to Apache junction and Florence Junction, where we will pick up Hwy 79 to Oracle Junction, Hwy 77, just north of Tucson. Proceed 2 miles south on Oracle Road (Hwy 77) to the stop light and turn left on Saddlebrook Blvd. Proceed 2.1 miles on Saddlebrook Blvd. and when you come over the hill you will see Saddlebrook. Make a right turn on to Mountain View Blvd. 1.1 miles. You will pass the golf pro shop and tennis courts, the club house will be on your left.

There are two HOME owners facilities, HOA1 And HOA2 Our lunch will be at HOA2 in the Mountain View Club house. (Not at SaddleBrooke club house.)

Upon departure from Tucson, you will have to go south on Oracle Rd to the town of Catalina for fuel, assuming you need fuel. If you start with a full tank at departure, you should be able to make the round trip without refueling.

We plan to take the same route for the return trip.

How many of you would be interested in getting dressed up for this event? Something we have never done previously. Suit and tie for the gents and semi formal attire for the ladies???

Please send me some feedback. If the vote is split, we can make dress optional. It might be fun to get gussied up and dripping with your finest jewelry :

Update 11/9/08 on dress: The consensus is casual attire for the Dec 6th luncheon. How about nice dress pants & collared shirt for the men, and slacks, skirt or dress for the ladies. No jeans, tank tops or T-shirts. Anyone who wants to dress even nicer is welcome to do so.

Thanks for supporting the club

Paul Ebeyer, President


Yep, believe it or not, if we want to get solid reservations, we need this much lead time, otherwise, we'll be eating hamburgers on a curb somewhere.

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, December 6th for this event. Not only will you have the experience of visiting a new destination, you will have the fun of the drive and a fantastic meal along with the opportunity to socialize with the other club members. I realize this is a long way in advance but I would like to start getting a head count ASAP. Please respond.

In view of the fact we have been to the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott for our holiday luncheon 4 times out of the past 5 years, we decided on something entirely different for this year.

We will be going to the Saddlebrook Resort in Tucson on Saturday, Dec 6th 2008.

Our group of an estimated 25 souls will be in the main dining room but it is reserved strictly for our group. I understand the views and ambiance are outstanding, as is the luncheon buffet we have arranged. We plan to arrive at approximately 11:45a and begin the festivities at 12:00 noon. Serving will begin at 12:30p and we will have to be finished and depart by 3:00p.

The price of your meal ticket is $35 per person and that includes everything except what you purchase separately at the bar. We hope to have some door prize items to raffle off after the dinner.

Here is the menu we selected: A feast fit for kings and queens:

There will be a cash bar set up

For our trip down, the departure time and location and other details will be coming later on. I just wanted to give you a "heads up" so you will know what is happening and give you time to plan ahead for it.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Ken & Darlene Bergmeier, who are residents of Saddlebrook and also to John Blezenski who researched this location for us.

We're real excited about finally coming up with a new plan and a new location to enjoy.

Paul Ebeyer, President

PS - We are way overdue for club elections and the holiday luncheon might be a good time to visit the subject. Your current club officers are: 

If there are any members interested in running for any of these elected offices, please submit your nomination to the Secretary, Virgil Jackson at Virgilj@aol.com

If no nominations are received, the current Officers will automatically remain in place for another 2 year term.

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