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Roosevelt Lake / Globe Tour - 02/07/2009


We'll be doing the Roosevelt Lake/Globe tour and return the same route. Lunch will be in Globe at the Country Kitchen.

If you've not already RSVP'ed, please send us an email and let us know if you plan to attend because we need an accurate head count for the restaurant. Also, please send us any corrections. So far, it looks like we might have as many as 16 cars if the undecided join us, great turnout.


Paul Ebeyer, President

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ARIZONA BMW Z SERIES CLUB Newsletter of January 10th 2009

On February 7th 2009 we will have a one day touring event of the Punkin Center, Roosevelt Lake, Globe, loop. To many of you, this will be a familiar route as we have done it three times in the past. As best that I can calculate, this will be about 210 miles round trip.

We will begin the tour at the Target shopping center parking lot in Fountain Hills located at the intersection of Saguaro and Shea Blvds, east end of the parking lot down by the Subway shop. Plan to arrive at 9:00 AM and we'll depart at 9:15 AM. As always, please arrive with a full fuel tank, there is fuel available in the general area east on Shea. Please remember your club radio and name tags.

We'll head north on Hwy 87 and turn east on Hwy 188. There is a comfort stop available and we will pull in the lot and park for 15 minutes. Afterward, we'll head east on 188 toward Jake's Corner and Punkin Center, then on to Roosevelt Lake. We may stop for a scenic view depending upon our schedule that will have us arrive for lunch in Globe around 12:00 noon.

Here's a summary prepared by Mike Hunt for the identical trip last year: We will proceed north on Hwy 87 for 48 miles to the Junction with Hwy 188. Turn right on to the 188 heading for Punkin Center and Lake Roosevelt (the former President, not the latter). The road pretty much parallels Tonto Creek to where it used to flow into the Salt River. Of course, it flows into the lake now. About 33 miles from the Junction we will cross a bridge which spans an arm of the Lake. Below (South) of the bridge, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the tallest brick dam in the U.S. About 5 miles past the bridge, we will come to the entrance to Tonto National Monument on the right side of the road. We may drive up to the picnic area for a view of the lake depending upon our ETA for Globe and lunch. After looking around, we will continue southeast on 188. Which merges with Hwy 88 in about 9 miles. 15 miles from that Junction we will turn left onto Hwy 60, headed East to Globe.

We'll fuel up in Globe and have lunch at the Country Kitchen afterward.

1535 E South St Globe, AZ 85501 (928) 425-3505 Get directions


following lunch, we'll return on the same route in reverse, (not the gear, the route :) It's interesting how much different the tour is going in the reverse direction, all the scenery changes and the presentation is entirely different.

This is the current list of participants. Please email me if we have you are incorrectly listed or if you plan to attend and your name is not on this list. I need a head count for the restaurant.

Thanks, Paul Ebeyer, President

Taylor Ebeyer Dunn Parks Jackson Hunt Linder Pete milesap Connors Connors guest Reed Sobelman maybe Roberts maybe Fiore guest