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Prescott for Lunch - 4.18.09

We have revised the tour routing for the April 18th tour. We are going to do the tour backwards. That is, we'll drive to Prescott first on hwy 89 out of Wickenburg and tour the Skull Vally portion after lunch. We did this same drive in May 2008 and in fact, this is the same newsletter with a few modifications.

Two weeks after I initially scheduled this April tour, it came to my attention we would be in conflict with a large touring party taking the same route. Since we are touring in reverse, we will most likely never even see the other cars. They depart the Valley early (6:30 or 7:00 AM) and will be well past Wickenburg by the time we arrive there. Following that, our routes take completely different directions although we do both end up in Prescott.

Please disregard any references in the routing document to May 2008, we're still going on Sat April 18th.

I have attached a "word" document (Document removed from website) with all the details of the April 18th club drive to Prescott and a return on the reverse route of the Skull Valley drive. Please print out the maps (the document contains links to the Google Maps site) and bring the entire newsletter and maps with you on the tour. It will make your life easier; there's nothing worse for the individual or the caravan as a whole than when one of the drivers gets, lost, confused, or suddenly disappears from the group. It becomes a major concern for the group and it is disruptive. Please bring along a state map of Arizona as well. You might want to take a look at it ahead of time. All these roads are on the map and it will give you a better perspective as you drive the route.

We hope to get a large group on this tour. I'm sure it will be a great drive and entirely different since we're doing it backwards. We would especially like to see some of our newer members so we can get a chance to meet and get to know them.

We will appreciate your prompt RSVP for the events discussed.

Thank you for your continued support of the club. Success is engendering large groups for our club events; without attendance, interest and participation, there would be no club.

Paul Ebeyer, President

----------------------------Original posting follows-------------------------

As promised, we have the details worked out for the club tour on Saturday April 18th. The tour route will start at the Albertson's market on Carefree Hwy 1/4 mile East of Interstate 17. We'll meet there at 8:30 AM and depart at 8:45 AM

We'll drive West to Wickenburg for a 15 minute comfort stop at McDonalds. When we leave Wickenburg, we'll head out on Hwy 89 but at the junction, about 5 miles out of town, we'll pick up Hwy 93 to Kingman & Las Vegas. You will bear to the LEFT at this junction, DO NOT BEAR RIGHT AND TAKE HWY 89 TO YARNELL & PRESCOTT

Approximately 30 miles up the Highway on 93, you will turn right on to Hwy 97, the road sign will say, "Bagdad." This is an easy turn to miss, so pay attention if you happen to be in the front of the pact or traveling apart from the main caravan. Shortly after turning on to 97, about 4 miles in, we will pick up Hwy 96 which will bear slightly right. The towns associated with hwy 96 will be: Hillside, Kirkland, Skull Valley & Iron Springs. As long as you see those signs, you're on the right road. Eventually, you will find yourself on Skull Valley Kirkland Road which changes name to Iron Springs Road as it nears Prescott

This will drop us into the outskirts of Prescott on White Spar Road Which becomes Montezuma. Pass Carleton & Goodwin streets (the Prescott Court House will be on your right. The next street is Gurley st, turn left and go one block and the Gurley street Grill will be on your right. That's where we're having lunch. Somewhere in there we will arrange to fill the fuel tanks.

Please bring your club radio and name tag.

I will need a head count for the restaurant so please send back your RSVP.

Looking forward to another great drive,

We'll work out the return routing after lunch

Paul Ebeyer, President

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