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2009 Grand Tour de Colorado



We’ve decided to do the extended Colorado tour this year. This will be a close copy of our 7 day Colorado tour of 2005.

I have attached a basic agenda and we’ll fill in the details.


As you can see from the attached agenda, we’ll overnight in Durango the first evening. Dinner will be on your own. The second day, we’ll take the scenic tour north through Silverton and Ouray and enjoy the sights and attractions along the way. This route takes us along the “million dollar highway” and over an 11,500 pass in the mountains which is spectacular.  We’ll stay overnight in Grand Jct. The following morning we’ll take the scenic drive from Grand Jct to Salida where we will headquarter for  3 days. While in Salida, the attractions will be your choice of river rafting, jeep tours or horseback riding. As a group, we will enjoy the trip on the Royal Gorge champagne train ride that features a champagne lunch. In the following weeks and months, we’ll be sending out more details on these attractions so those interested can make their own reservations. Somewhere during the stay in Salida, we will have at least one structured, group dinner, maybe two.

We have selected the dates of Thursday July 15th through Tuesday July 21st. We are giving you 5 months advance notice so you can arrange vacation time with your employer.

If you were fortunate to make this tour with us in 2005, I know you will not want to miss it this time. If you are not familiar with these roads and attractions in Colorado, I promise you, you will not be disappointed if you attend this year. We know where all the scenic highways are and the best attractions.

Although it is still months away, we want to start building a list of members who will attend the tour, so please send us your RSVP now if you are in a position to make the decision at this time, otherwise let us know later on. We are anxious to get some feel for how many will attend, we’re setting 10 cars as the absolute minimum for the tour.

Sometime in the near future, we will schedule a planning meeting at North Scottsdale BMW in the upstairs conference room for the purpose of working out the tour details. We need volunteers to assist us contacting hotels, restaurants for lunch and dinner and the various attractions so we can have most everything set up in advance. Please email me if you will volunteer to help us with the details.

We would love to have some of our new members join us

That’s it for now, we’ll look forward to hearing from you

Paul Ebeyer, President


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