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Payson Cookout - August 15, 2009

As you all know, we are having the big cook out in Payson on Sat Aug 15th. We have 46 souls attending, the largest turnout we have ever had for a club event. There will be 20 vehicles leaving from Fountain Hills and 3 meeting us in Payson.

We're going to raffle off some door prizes that we are purchasing from North Scottsdale BMW so be sure you get your tickets which will be handed out.

We want to know if anyone is interested is seeing the club clothing and possibly purchasing something. If so, I'll ask Howard to bring it along but if there is no interest there is no reason to put him to all that work. So please send me an email and let me know if you would like to have the clothing items on display and available. As of a month ago, we have drastically reduced the prices on most items and the T shirts are now ˝ off.

We will meet at the Target shopping center in Fountain Hills at 12:30 and depart shortly afterward. The shopping center is located on Shea Blvd at Saguaro Blvd on the south side of Shea. NOTE: In the past, we have met at the far east end by the Subway shop but we want to change that to the far west end by the Starbucks shop

Please arrive with a full fuel tank and your club radio. Email me if you have questions. This is going to be a most enjoyable event and we are indebted to Dan & Teresa for volunteering their home and a lot of work to make this possible. We will be looking for volunteers to help clean up at the end of the event.

I doubt if I will be sending out another memo on this event since this one seems to cover all the bases. I will be bringing along the club "throw" for those of you who have purchased one.

Paul Ebeyer, President

Update as of 7/6/09

We’re scheduling our arrival for 2 PM so this will be a lunch/dinner combo. 

“Dan and I will smoke beef brisket and pork, I'll have side dishes too. It's bring your own liquor we'll have tea and lemon or limeade. As far as help with clean-up it would be really nice. I'll go to Costco that Wednesday or Thursday to get supplies and smoke the meat on Friday.”

This is looking like a great get together and not only will we enjoy some great food we will have time to socialize and enjoy one-another as well. Sometimes on our driving tours there is no time left for socializing, so events like the planned August tour and meal give us the opportunity to chat and visit.



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