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Holiday Dinner - 12/11/2010

The December Christmas tour will be to Prescott by way of Wickenburg, Yarnell, Wilhoit, etc. on Rte 89 out of Wickenburg. We will be enjoying the banquet in the Arizona Room at the Hassayampa Inn. We have 23 cars and 44 souls attending this event, almost the entire membership. We have guests or members coming from San Diego and Havasu City as well.

Hassayampa Inn 
122 East Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ 86301-3899 
(928) 778-9434

Here is the menu for our event and it is essentially an "all you can eat meal."

Adult beverages will be available at your expense

We'll meet at 9:45 AM at Albertson's parking lot on Carefree Hwy about 1/4 mile east of Interstate 17, north side of the street, and we'll depart at 10:00. Albertson's has a public restroom and a coffee and donut counter if you have a need for either of those conveniences. We meet toward the east end of the complex in front of the bank. Please have a full fuel tank at the start. There is a gas station in the center complex by the McDonalds.

Due to the traffic signal at Carefree Hwy and Interstate 17, we usually get split up at this point. The cars in the front will communicate by radio and do what is necessary to get the group back together again. It is important while caravanning, to keep the group together and try not to lag behind which creates big gaps in the caravan; try to follow the Z car in front of you as closely as safety allows.

DO NOT SPEED IN THE VICINITY OF LAKE PLEASANT. The Peoria police have "bracelets" that fit the wrists of all speeders. We will have a 15 minute stop at McDonalds in Wickenburg. Our approximate ETA at the Inn is set for 12:30

After departing from Wickenburg, we will drive the usual route up through Yarnell Hill and Hwy 89 to Prescott, through the Prescott National Forest. About 10 miles out of Wickenburg, the road forks, Hwy 89 to the right will take you to Prescottl the left fork will take you to Kingman (don't go there)

Watch your speed on Yarnell Hill as "Arizona's Finest" may be lurking about.

The balance of the drive is pretty straight forward until we arrive at the outskirts of Prescott. We will be entering the town from Hwy 89 which becomes White Spar Rd for a short distance and then becomes Montezuma Street after a left hand turn. Stay on Montezuma Street and turn right on Goodwin St.; the courthouse complex will be on your left. Continue two blocks to Marina Street and turn left. Go past Union St (one block) and then cross Gurley Street. The hotel will be on your left. There is ample parking in the lot across Marina Street on your right. Proceed to the Arizona Room. Just mention the BMW Z Series Club. We'll probably fill the fuel tanks in Prescott and this usually works best upon arrival rather than after the meal but it depends upon our arrival time in Prescott. If we are way ahead of time we'll fuel up before lunch, otherwise after lunch. Very often, the fuel stop can be an element that unintentionally splits the group and someone gets lost or separated from the main body. However, you have detailed directions in this newsletter so you should be able to find the Hassayampa Inn regardless of where you decide to stop for fuel. I usually find it less confusing if I stop at a convenient station while entering town and then get back on the same navigation track. There is a Shell station at Grove and Sheldonabout of a mile from the Hassayampa Inn and easy to find but I suggest you refer to a map or use your GPS for the details. Grove is about mile West of Marina Street and Sheldon is North of Gurley about mile.

After the event, there are essentially two routes to return to the Valley and in the past the group splits at this point. You can take Hwy 69 through Prescott Valley which will take you back to interstate 17 South. Or, you can return using the same route as the outbound leg.

Please have a full fuel tank when starting the trip at Albertson's and remember to bring your club radio. A jacket or sweater is highly recommended as it can be quite chilly in Prescott in December.

Please send in your $35 per person for the banquet if you have not already done so. Please make your check out to the Arizona BMW Z3 Club (NOT TO VIRGIL JACKSON) the mailing address is 10417 East Charter Oak Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85259 We are committed to the Inn for 44 meals !


Paul Ebeyer, President

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