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Oracle, AZ - 03/05/11


First of all, we’ll be touring on Saturday, March 5th

Since the club has been in existence for 13 years now, it is becoming more and more difficult to select one day tours that we have not done in the past. However, I have come up with something a bit different and it should be perfect for the expected weather in early March. A few year ago we did a drive south on highway 77 but our destination was different than this tour.

Our destination will be Oracle, AZ and the Oracle Inn & Steakhouse for lunch where we have a private banquet room reserved. Here is their phone number in the event you need it  Ph: (520) 896-3333  http://www.oracleinn.com/  There is also a nearby museum that we can visit if the group is interested. We will assemble for the start of the tour at: exit 196, Idaho Rd.,  off the HWY 60.  We will meet at the Chevron on the N.W. corner.  

When you come down the ramp, turn left under the highway and the Chevron and convenience store will be on the right. We’ll assemble there at 9:00 AM and depart at 9:15 AM. We’ll take highway 60 all the way to Globe and we will stop at a gas station and convenience store in Globe for 15 or 20 minutes for a comfort break. This first leg from the Chevron to Globe is approximately 70 miles.

We’ll head east out of Globe on Highway 60 and in just a short distance turn right on Highway 77 south. It will be approximately 60 miles to the next turn which is American Way. Look first for Tiger Mine Road and American Way is about ˝ mile further south. Turn left on American Way and follow it west to north Evergreen Drive and turn south, the Oracle Inn & Steakhouse should be on your immediate left. If the members are interested, there is the Acadia Ranch Museum just a few blocks away to the east of the Inn. If the interest is there, we can visit the museum on our way out of town after lunch.

Following our stay in Oracle we will backtrack our route north on highway 77 approximately 40 miles to the town of Winkelman, where we will pick up highway 177 north through the towns of Hayden, Kearny, Riverside, Kelvin and finally into Superior. Comfort or fuel stops will be decided along the way. From Superior, we will head west on highway 60 for a return to Phoenix.

The scenery on highway 77 is picture post card stuff and should be green and plush in March. This is truly a beautiful drive and I am sure the meal at the Oracle Inn & Steakhouse will also be excellent.


Please have a full fuel tank at the start of the tour and remember to bring along your FRS radio and always have an Arizona state map handy.

Please send me your RSVP so I can start counting heads for the restaurant.

Looking forward to another great tour,


Paul Ebeyer, President

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