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To Sedona for LUnch - 09/22/2012


Our September tour destination will be Sedona Arizona for a group lunch.

Well, this is working out quite well for us. Chuck Taylor suggested we lunch at the new restaurant at the Sedona airport. I checked it out and made our reservations for approximately 12:30 on Sat Sept. 22nd.

This location keeps us away from the congested weekend Sedona traffic in the tourist section of town. The airport is located on the far south end of the city. Not only will this be a new destination for the club, the views from the restaurant are spectacular and the on line reviews are mostly 4 and 5 star. http://www.sedonaairport.org/dining
Here are the details for the subject club tour.

We will not be stopping in Jerome due to the weekend congestion in that town. Due to traffic, we may get separated as we approach Jerome and also on the down side after leaving. After passing through Jerome you will still be on alt 89A and at the very bottom of the hill you will come to a stop sign with a gas station on the right, this is the town of Clarkdale and will be a good place to refuel and have a comfort break. When leaving the gas station, turn right and remain on 89A into Cottonwood. 89A becomes Cottonwood Blvd. At the corner of Cottonwood Blvd (89A) and Main St. turn right and follow Main St (also called 89A) for a short distance and you will come to a fork where hwy 260 goes off to the right and 89A to the left. Bear left (89A) to Sedona. Take 89A toward Sedona and as you arrive at the far south end of the city you will see a sign on the right that directs you to the Sedona airport.

We will have to bring cash in small denominations in order to pay the bill, they are going to hand us a single bill for the entire group so we'll have to figure out who owes how much.
Please have a full fuel tank when starting the trip and remember to bring your club radio. We do need your RSVP so we will have an accurate count for the restaurant. I have to provide this to them ahead of time so please, let's hear from you.

There are a few different choices for the return route and that can be decided during or after lunch, not everyone will select the same route home.

We look forward to a great turnout for this tour.

We will need a head count for the restaurant so please send me your RSVP, ASAP.  This is not sealed in cement but will give us an idea right now approximately how many souls we will have for the lunch and that has a bearing on the restaurant we ultimately select so the sooner I have the head count it will allow me to make the appropriate choice.


Paul Ebeyer, President

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