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Prescott by way of Wickenburg, Bagdad, Hillside, Kirkland and Skull Valley- 04/06/2013 


On Saturday, April 6th, we will tour to Prescott by way of Wickenburg, Bagdad, Hillside, Kirkland and Skull Valley. As you know from previous tours on this route, it is sensational with many twisties, elevation changes and great scenery.

We will meet at the Albertson's center on Carefree Highway ¼ mile East of interstate 17. We meet at the far East end of the center in front of the bank. Please arrive no later than 8:30 and we will depart at 8:45 sharp. There is coffee, donuts and a restroom available inside the Albertson's store.

Please arrive with t a full fuel tank and bring your club FRS radio along with a copy of this route guide. We also encourage you to bring an Arizona map and a light jacket just in case it is needed with the top down. We suggest you review this agenda before you start the tour, in order to avoid any wrong turns or confusion.

We will head west on Carefree Highway to Hwy 60, (about 20 miles) and turn north to Wickenburg. We will stop at the Burger King on the South end of Wickenburg for a 15 minute comfort break. We will pick up Hwy 60/93 from the traffic circle in Wickenburg and drive North. About 5 miles out of town Hwy 89 branches off to the right, DO NOT TAKE HWY 89 keep to the left which is actually straight ahead and you will be on Hwy 93 heading toward Kingman. It is approximately 30 miles from the Burger King to Hwy 97 and the town of Bagdad. This intersection is marked but not real well so pay attention, it is easy to fly right past it, someone does every trip.Turn right on 97 and follow it until it intersects with Hwy 96. At that junction you will turn right and follow Hwy 96 through the towns of Hillside, Yava, Kirkland and finally Skull Valley. Consult the map you brought along. We will be on Iron Springs Road where we enter the outskirts of Prescott. A safety suggestion here, hwy 96 has a number of dips in it and blind curves, it is common to be hitting the brakes so please don't follow the car in front of you too closely, allow some slow down and braking room for the car in front of you. Please don't overdrive your ability on this road, we never leave anyone behind, drive at your own comfort level, someone will wait up for you. We have group lunch reservations at the Iron Springs Café, right on Iron Springs Road, what could be more convenient? The café is located at 1501 Iron Springs Road and their phone number is 928 443 8848. I have never been there either so we will drive slowly and keep an eye out for it. Here is a link to their web site if you care to check it out and look at the menu and check the map their site provides.

They have a private room that will hold a maximum of 22 souls, if we exceed 22, they will set up a long banquet table for us in an out-of-the-way spot. We'll keep an eye on the weather forecast but historically, it should be a beautiful top down day. After lunch we can fuel up at the Shell station about ½ mile east of the café on Iron Springs Road. Then the group will backtrack and drive the same route in reverse, back to the Valley.

Please send me your RSVP in a timely manner so I don't have to drag it out of everyone over the next 3 weeks. It does get rather tiresome to request responses over and over again when one request should do it, please make my life a little easier, take pity on me; I'm an old man HA! HA!




Paul Ebeyer, President

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