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To Sedona for Lunch - 09/21/13

The destination is Heartline Café in Sedona

If you go to the link you will see a map that pinpoints the location

We have advised the Heartline Café that we will have 30 souls participating in the luncheon.

The total bill works out to $573.00  (forget the pennies)

This is $15.00 basic per person but with 18% gratuity and sales tax added on. Since we will
be paying cash, that works out to $19.10 per person.

Please bring even cash with you to represent the number in your party, I think we have two
members coming solo and the rest are all couples.

This will greatly simplify payment to the restaurant.

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you on the 21st.

The starting location is Albertson’s center on Carefree Highway just east of interstate 17
arrive at 8:30 and we’ll depart at 8:45 AM. We gather at the east end toward the bank and there is coffee and a restroom available in Albertsons.

We’ll head west on Carefree Highway  (hwy 74) to Highway 60 and then on into Wickenburg where we will have a 15  minute comfort break at McDonalds

When we leave Wickenburg we will head north on Hwy 89  and about 7 miles out of town we come to the fork in the road where we will bear to the right on Hwy 89 which will take us through Yarnell, the Prescott National Forest and eventually into Prescott. There are several possible routes to get from the Courthouse area to hwy 89A to Jerome. I have selected the easiest one with fewest turns and complications. It does however, go through the commercial district with traffic lights. We will be entering the town of Prescott from Hwy 89 which becomes White Spar Rd for a short distance and then becomes Montezuma Street. Stay on Montezuma Street past Goodwin St and Whiskey row on your left, remain on Montezuma past  the Courthouse which will be on your right. Gurley is the next street, turn  right and remain on Gurley St ( also Hwy 89 ) for  about 1 mile  which will take you to a fork in the road just past the commercial district. Hwy 69 goes to the right and will take you back to I 17 and Phoenix. Stay to the left on hwy 89  and in approximately 6 miles you will come to the intersection of Hwy 89 and 89A. Turn right and follow the signs on 89A to Jerome. DO NOT GO STRAIGHT ON HWY 89, THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO ASHFORK

We will not be stopping in Jerome due to the weekend congestion in that town. Due to traffic, we may get separated as we approach Jerome or on the down side after leaving.  After passing through Jerome you will still be on 89A and at the very bottom of the hill you will come to a stop sign with a gas station on the right, this is the town of Clarkdale and will be a good place to refuel and have a comfort break. When leaving the gas station, turn right and remain on 89A into Cottonwood. 89A becomes Cottonwood Blvd. At the corner of Cottonwood Blvd (89A) and Main St. turn right and follow Main St (also called 89A) for a short distance and you will come to a fork where hwy 260 goes off to the right and 89A to the left. Bear left  on (89A) to Sedona.  It is approximately 20 miles from Cottonwood to Sedona, not an exact measurement because the restaurant is a bit south of downtown Sedona.  The address is 1610 W. SR 89A Sedona 86336    phone 928 282 0785

Once you pass Coffee Pot Drive, the restaurant will be approximately ½ mile further on your left. 

Info on dining:

Sorry, I forgot to mention that due to complications we will not be dining in the Fireside room. They will set up a long table for us in the dining room. We are still committed to the original buffet menu that was sent out earlier. $15 per person and that includes non alcoholic beverages. We are also committed to an 18% gratuity so outside of any adult beverage you order your bill should be $35.40 plus tax. I asked that each couple be billed separately and I have not received a reply from them and it is possible they will not do that. In the event we are presented with one big bill it will simplify things if each couple will bring along even change in cash.  (nothing in life is simple L)

All Buffet Menu:


·         BBQ Pulled Pork 

·         Kaiser Rolls


·         Salad Sedona (w/ALL ITEMS ON SIDE)  with Tomatoes, Onions, Sliced Bell Peppers, Jack Cheese, Red Cabbage Slaw, Fresh Berries and  Black Pepper Vinaigrette


·         Pasta w/ Sun-dried Tomatoes & Pine Nuts in Pesto Cream Sauce


·         Sliced Grilled Chicken Breast


·         Dessert:  

·         Gourmet Cookies Platter



Please print out this agenda and bring it with you on the tour along with an Arizona State map. Remember to begin the tour with a full fuel tank and bring your club radio. The weather should be quite comfortable with the top down after we get some altitude but then again, we take whatever nature hands us J


Paul Ebeyer, President, Arizona BMW Z Series Club

Please RSVP.

Paul Ebeyer, President

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