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Vulture Mine, near Wickenburg - 02/01/14


Believe it or not, this tour is one we have never done before. It should be quite an adventure, well be touring the Vulture Mine outside of Wickenburg. There is only one mine tour available on Saturday and it starts at 10:00AM sharp. This will dictate our departure time from the starting point. The tour ends at noon. I have never been there but I am guessing it will be a good idea to bring some warm clothing. There is a donation of $10 per person for the tour.

We will meet at 8:15 AM in Avondale at the Circle K which is just mile north of  I-10 at the Avondale Road exit # 110 . Turn right at the bottom of the off ramp toward McDowell Rd; the Circle K is on the south east corner of Avondale Blvd. & McDowell Rd. Please have a full fuel tank and bring your club radio along with this tour guide.

At  8:30 we will get back on I-10 heading west and pick up Hassayampa Road  we will drive north to Indian School Road and turn west to 355th Ave We will turn north on 355th Ave and the name changes to the Wickenburg Road and then changes again into the Vulture Mine Road. The distance from The Avondale Road on ramp to the Mine is 53.7 miles according to Google Maps. The gate at the mine opens at 9:30 and closes at 10:00 so we should be right on schedule based upon a 53.7 mile distance, with a little time to spare. In any case, we sure dont want to run late because there is only the one tour on Saturday - at 10: 00 AM.

Once on Vulture Mine Road we will proceed north to the vulture mine. The road is all paved according to the map information and according to research, a popular motorcycle touring road, not that it will interfere with our activities. We will tour the mine and afterward we will drive in to Wickenburg and have lunch at Rancho de Los Caballeros. According to Google Maps, we depart the mine and simply head north on the Vulture mine Road and the restaurant is 1.1 miles from the mine. 

When we leave the restaurant, we drive north on Vulture Mine Road and it will intersect with Hwy 60. Turn right and that will take us back through the town of Wickenburg and Hwy 60 south to Carefree Hwy where we will turn east and head for home. There are some interesting places to visit in Wickenburg and you can begin here http://www.wickenburgchamber.com/attractions/  If you like western art, there are many art galleries in Wickenburg. Just do some internet searching and suit yourself; youre on your own at that point, whatever floats your boat.

Ill look for your PROMPT RSVP, thanks,

Paul Ebeyer, President, Arizona BMW Z Series Club

Paul Ebeyer, President

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