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06/07/2014 - Flagstaff Trip



The club tour will be on Saturday June 7th. The destination will be Little America restaurant in Flagstaff.

They are going to open up the Tiffany Tree Lounge for us, normally reserved for evening dining only. It is a beautiful atmosphere with the ambiance of the north woods and pine trees; a nice departure for us in the southland. We will have the complete menu to select from and billing by couples. 

We will meet in Fountain Hills at the Target shopping center, toward the West end near the Starbucks. The center is located at Shea Blvd and Saguaro Blvd in Ftn Hills. We will meet at 8:45 AM and depart at 9:00 AM and head north on Hwy 87 to Payson where we will take a 15 minute comfort break near the casino and gas station. We will continue north on highway 87 up the rim and to Clintís Wells where we make a left turn and pick up Hwy 89A toward Flagstaff.  DO NOT BEAR RIGHT AND TAKE HWY 87 TO WINSLOW.   We will continue on hwy 89A to Happy Jack, Mormon Lake, Lake Mary and Flagstaff. As we approach Flagstaff from the southeast we will be on Lake Mary Road and making a right hand turn to get on Interstate 17 that will take us to Interstate 40, you will then be heading east toward Albuquerque so look for the Albuquerque signs, then, look for signs on the right that say, "Little America"  ( I'm pretty sure exit # 198 is the correct off ramp) and that is where you get off. Little America will be down that road a short distance.

If anyone needs a comfort break we will fit it in somewhere along the route - perhaps a stop at Mormon Lake, especially if we are ahead of schedule. Otherwise, the next comfort break will be at the destination or just before we get on Interstate 17 in Flagstaff at the gas station we frequently utilize. 

You may need a light jacket if you plan to have the top down; I'm not sure what the June temperatures are for Flagstaff. Please have a full fuel tank at the start and remember to bring your club radio. I believe we can get fuel at Little America after lunch for the return trip. Since 89A in Oak Creek Canyon is closed until July 4th, there are only two routes to return to the Valley, the same way we went up or take I 17 all the way home. We can discuss this toward the end of the luncheon and everyone is free to pair up with whomever they wish and select whatever route. In any case, this is usually a full day of driving (which is a good thing because thatís what the club is all about).

We look forward to seeing everyone.

A complete, detailed tour guide will be sent out eventually but please send in your RSVP now, so we can get a head count for the restaurant. 

Paul Ebeyer, President


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