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Christmas Luncheon in Sedona - 12/13/14


Saturday Dec 13th at Enchantment Resort, Sedona. Estimated arrival time between 12:00 & 12:30 PM

Meet at Albertson's at 9:00 and depart at 9:15

We will meet at the Albertson's center on Carefree Hwy 1/4 mile east of Int 17. Please meet at the far east
end of the complex in front of the bank. There is coffee and rest rooms available in Albertson's.

We will travel north on Int 17 to Camp Verde and on the north end of the town we pick up hwy 260 to Cottonwood where we pick up Hwy 89A to Sedona. We'll have a few drivers who have been to Enchantment previously so we ask that any one of you lead the way at that point and take us to the resort.

Approximate distances:

We'll allocate 2 hours 45 minutes for the tour including a comfort break either in Camp Verde or Cottonwood, depending upon the comfort level of the group. Please keep your radio on and we'll |communicate on the stop for the comfort break.

Our 9:15 departure should place us at the resort at approximately noon. Last time we were there we had a drink from the bar and visited in the large gathering room with the big fireplace. I'm sure they won't be ready to serve right away and we'll most likely be seated in the restaurant around 12:30 or so.

We MUST HAVE a minimum of 25 souls in order for the $50 per person to apply, otherwise it may cost more.

Here is the attendance list to date and it looks a bit anemic, we need a lot more members joining in so please do your best to set that date aside for the biggest club event of the year. This is the one with raffle prizes, our bank account allows us to do this only once a year and we would like to see the majority of the members win some nice gifts in return for their annual dues.

I’ll look for your RSVP, thanks,

Paul Ebeyer, President

BMW Z Series Luncheon                                    

Option 1

Choice of Salad:

Choice of Entrée:

Dessert: BMW Z Series Cake

Option 2

Choice of Appetizer:

Choice of Entrée:

Dessert: BMW Z Series Cake

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