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Tour of Payson, Happy Jack, Mormon Lake, Flagstaff, Oak Creek - 11/14/15

After making arrangements with the Relics restaurant we find out  they cannot accommodate our large group either without splitting us into two separate rooms and that is not acceptable, we couldn't even see one another in that arrangement. We have 44 participants so far and perhaps three more couples to come.

Here is the new plan: We're having lunch at the Junipine restaurant in Oak Creek Canyon. We will start the tour from Fountain Hills by Starbucks, arrive about 8:45 and we'll depart at 9:00 AM, that is unchanged from the first, original plan.

There will be a limited menu selected from probably 3 choices, and we can pay by couples, adult beverages will be available on a cash basis. The cost per person will be substantially less than the $35 at Relics. The restaurant will be sending me the menu choices offered and I will send them on to you by email.

We'll drive north on hwy 87 to Payson and stop near the Casino for a comfort break. I estimate we will be leaving the Casino about 10 AM.

We'll drive north on hwy 87 through Pine and Strawberry where we will pick up hwy 260 west to Camp Verde, this is a beautiful, scenic drive through the National Forest.  We'll continue west on 260 to Cottonwood where we will turn right on to hwy 89A into Sedona and then on to the Junipine restaurant in Oak Creek Canyon, stay on 89A all the way to the restaurant.

We have decided that the long tour to Flagstaff and down Oak Creek to the restaurant poses potential issues that could screw up the entire tour. Bad roads due to weather and a lot of congestion with our 20+ cars and normal weekend traffic in the fall through Oak Creek is NOT what we want to do. It could take us an hour and a half, maybe more to get from Lake Mary to the restaurant and we cannot take that risk. The route we have chosen will provide interesting roads to drive, great scenery and no worries about weather or traffic. We estimate it will be 3 hours door to door with a noon arrival at the restaurant. There is no need to eat right away, we can have some adult beverages and socialize for a while, the facility is ours to use. If anyone is just dying to drive the canyon you can always make your return trip in reverse of our original routing, north to Lake Mary on 89A to Flagstaff and then to hwy 87 to Mormon Lake and back down through Payson.

 The restaurant is turning over the entire inside of the facility to our group, no outsiders and there are no limits on the number of souls, the restaurant can hold 50 or more so that removes the time constraints for joining in. If you have not sent your RSVP. please do so now, because we still need a head count and a list to work off of at the starting point. There are still 4 couples we need an answer from highlighted in yellow. We're going to split our caravan into two groups, "spirited" and "slightly spirited.

I hope everyone is reading their email on a timely basis or you will be in a real mess
come the morning of the 14th with all the previous plans that were sent out.


Once again we need your RSVP so we can better plan the tour and for the restaurant head count.

Paul Ebeyer, President, Arizona BMW Z Series Club

Paul Ebeyer, President

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