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                                                   Our destination is Cornville, AZ, for lunch at 12:30  at the Manzanita Restaurant.

ō We will meet at  8:45 AM at the Albertsonís market on Carefree Hwy 1/2 mile East of Int 17 on the north side of Carefree Hwy. Meet toward the far east end by the bank. There is a bathroom In Albertsonís and  coffee & donuts are available  as well. Departure time is 9:00 AM

ō  We will head west on Carefree Hwy toward Wickenburg. DO NOT SPEED IN THE VICINITY OF LAKE PLEASANT  The Peoria police have "bracelets" that fit the wrists of speeders. We will stop at McDonalds in Wickenburg for 15 minutes for a comfort break.

ō  After departing Wickenburg, we will follow Hwy 89 north to Yarnell and Prescott. About 5 miles out of Wickenburg  there is a fork in the road, hwy 89 bends slightly to the right so follow it. Do not take Hwy 93 at the fork,  93 will take you to Kingman, you donít want to go there J

ō The balance of the drive is pretty straight forward and a beautiful drive through the National Forest with many twists and dips. When we arrive at the outskirts of Prescott there are several possible routes to get from the Courthouse area to hwy 89A to Jerome. I have selected the easiest one with the fewest turns and complications. It does however, go through the commercial district with traffic lights. We will be entering the town of Prescott from Hwy 89 which becomes White Spar Rd for a short distance and then becomes Montezuma Street. Stay on Montezuma Street past Goodwin St and Whiskey row, remain on Montezuma past  the Courthouse which will be on your right. Gurley is the next street, turn  right and remain on Gurley St ( also hwy 89 ) for  about 1 mile  which will take you to a fork in the road just past the commercial district. About 1/2 mile from the hwy 69 turn off, there is a Circle K gas station on Gurley St. on your right. We will stop there for 15 minutes for a comfort break and fuel if you want it. When departing the Circle K get to the left hand lans ASAP because in 1/2 mile or less you will be following 89 north, hwy 69 goes to the right and will take you back to Int 17 and Phoenix, you don't want to go there, stay to the left on hwy 89  and in approximately 6 miles you will come to the intersection of Hwy 89 and 89A. Turn right and follow the signs on 89A to Jerome. DO NOT GO STRAIGHT ON HWY 89, THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO ASHFORK  ~~~~~~ you don't want to go there either  :-) Hwy 89A will take us up Mt Mingus to the former ghost town of Jerome but on weekends is it anything but a ghost town and it is almost impossible to find a parking place so we will not be stopping in Jerome. Due to traffic, we may get separated as we approach Jerome or on the down side after leaving so we will stop and get the group together at the bottom of the hill on the downside.  After passing through Jerome you will still be on alt 89A and at the very bottom of the hill you will come to a stop sign with a gas station on the right, this is the town of Clarkdale and will be a good place to refuel, get the group together and have a comfort break. When leaving the gas station, turn right and remain on 89A into Cottonwood. 89A becomes Cottonwood Blvd. At the corner of Cottonwood Blvd (89A) and Main St. turn right and follow Main St (also called 89A) for a short distance and you will come to a fork where hwy 260 goes off to the right and 89A to the left. Bear left (89A)  Sedona.  Take 89A toward Sedona, you will cross the Verde River, go up a small hill and there will be a traffic light at that intersection. We will turn right at that signal on to Cornville Road and the restaurant is about 4.5 miles on the right side of the hwy. The Manzanita Restaurant, we have eaten there on a few previous occasions, the food is very good and modestly priced.

Please have a full fuel tank when starting the trip and remember to bring your club radio, this tour guide and your club name badge. We do need your RSVP so we will have an accurate count for the restaurant. I have to provide this to them ahead of time so please, let's hear from you.

There are a few different choices for the return route and that can be decided during or after lunch, not everyone will select the same route home.
Please bring a copy of this guide along with you and an Arizona state map along with your club frs radio.

We hope to have a big turnout for this tour, the route through Prescott National Forest and up the mountain to Jerome was custom made for our
nimble sports cars.


Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club

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