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Club Durango Tour - Thursday, 06/23/16 - Monday, 06/27/16

Update as of 3/14/15

This is of interest to those members touring Durango.  I realize it is still a long way to the departure date but there are so many details on this tour
I have to cover them when I have time and not wait until the very last minute to get this information out to you. Hopefully you will save/print out
the info and act upon it if action is required.

Here is a link to the Durango Welcome center where you can fill out the form and they will send you a map of Durango, a handy tool especially
if you have not been there previously.

A friendly reminder to make your reservations for whatever activity you have selected for the "free day" on Friday June 24th if reservations are required.

Right now we are planning a drive starting Saturday morning June 25th to tour to Purgatory for the alpine slides, then on to Silverton and
finally to Ouray where we will have lunch. From there we make our way to Telluride and eventually back to Durango for a group dinner
Saturday evening, the restaurant has not yet been decided, I'm working on it.

On Sunday we will tour to Vallecito Lake, a very scenic and interesting drive for sports cars.

Just thought I'd throw this out lest you think I'm sitting on my thumbs here not doing anything to earn my huge salary as club President :-)

More later



In very rare circumstances I give myself credit for using what few brains  I have left, this is one of those occasions.

I thought it would be a good idea to call the Hampton Inn in Durango just to get some idea of room availability for the dates we planned on being there. I am so glad I did this now because I discovered the dates we had selected, June 16 through the 20th are fully booked at the Hampton Inn for some big convention. I am sure with that going on we would have had some difficulty making group dinner reservations at our favorite restaurants and elsewhere.

SO  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ we're changing the dates to Thursday June 23rd through Monday June 27th. We will need room reservations for the 4 nights of 23, 24, 25, 26.   I am attaching the attendance list I have for the previous dates so if there is any change on your end please let me know. If you have not responded at all, which is most of you, I plead with you to send me something, even a "maybe" so I can proceed with block booking rooms and arranging a discount which will depend upon the number of rooms we actually book.

Eventually, when I have a reliable attendance list we will have each of you call the Hampton Inn and make your individual reservations using your own credit card. Right now I am guessing I will block book 15 rooms but I really do need your RSVP.

If you are unsure at this time but think you may attend just send me a "maybe"  and I'll add that to the group of block booked rooms, you can always cancel later if necessary. Of course I need an accurate head count for group reservations at our banquet dinners.

Once we get the attendance list settled and our room reservations secured I will be sending out detailed information on the tour, probably several of them between now and the departure date.

I really  need your RSVP. Arranging these extended tours requires a great deal of time
and effort on my part and your prompt response makes it all a lot easier for me  :-)



Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club

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