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Prescott Valley - Saturday, 3/18/17

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The destination is Prescott for lunch at the Gurley Street Grill and after lunch  we will be driving the Skull Valley tour , a truly enjoyable twisty road with many ups and downs ~~~~~~ great fun !

A comment  ~~~ I had originally booked the lunch at the Lone Spur Cafe  in an attempt to make the lunch a little different from the past and after phoning and speaking to 6 other restaurants. I have cancelled the Lone Spur and gone back to the Gurley St. Grill. Reason ???  None of the other six could give us a private or semi private area. After a second phone call to the Lone Spur I discovered the parking situation is nonexistent. Park on the street (good luck) or fight for a spot behind the restaurant that shares a small lot with several other merchants.

The Gurley Street Grill always treats us right and we always get that back patio for ourselves. And  ~~~~ the parking is never a problem with the bank parking lot across the street, the lot behind the Grill and street parking.

So try as I did for a change it's not happening this time  :-)


We’ll meet at the Albertson’s market on Carefree Highway, ¼ mile east of Interstate 17 near the east end where the bank is. There are rest room facilities and coffee available in Albertson’s.

Please have a full fuel tank when starting the trip and remember to bring your club radio and this guide.

We will meet at  9:45 AM, depart at 10:00 AM and head west on Carefree Hwy to Hwy 60 toward Wickenburg which is about a 45 minute drive. Due to the traffic signal west on Carefree Hwy and I-17 we sometimes get separated but the front runners will drive moderately so the rest of the group can catch up.

DO NOT SPEED IN THE VICINITY OF LAKE PLEASANT. The Peoria police have "bracelets" that fit the wrists of all speeders. We will have a 15 minute stop at McDonalds in Wickenburg. Our approximate ETA at the Gurley Street Grill is 12:00 to 12:30 and we will adjust our speed so we arrive between those times.

When departing Wickenburg, we’ll pick up Hwy 89 at the traffic circle and head north to Yarnell Hill. There is a fork in the road about 10 miles out of Wickenburg. The left fork is Hwy 93 and will take you to Las Vegas, not Prescott. At this fork you want to bear right and get on Hwy 89 North. It is plainly marked; just pay attention and you will be OK. From this point all the way to Prescott on Hwy 89 the road is quite entertaining and most of the scenery is beautiful as we drive through the Prescott National Forest 

When we arrive at the outskirts of Prescott, simply stay on Hwy 89 which becomes White Spar Rd for a short distance and then becomes Montezuma Street. Stay on Montezuma Street. You will see the historic Whiskey row on your left and the Courthouse on your right. The next street is Gurley; turn left and drive one block to Granite Street. The Grill will be on the corner to your right.  Turn right on Granite and find a parking place. There is a lot behind the Grill, a big lot by the bank across the street and usually plenty street parking.

When you leave the Grill after lunch, drive 4 short blocks west on Gurley street to Grove St and turn north (right) and go past Western St and Sheldon St. In about  3 short blocks the Shell station will be right in front of you. We plan to meet up there for the return trip.

Sometimes the fuel stop can be an element that unintentionally splits the group and someone gets lost or separated from the main body. However, you have detailed directions in this newsletter so you should be able to find the Shell station in a timely manner and not disrupt the tour.

After refueling we will take Miller Valley Road and this becomes Iron Springs Rd and begins the  route of the Skull Valley tour. Follow the Z in front of you  :-)

I have entered some approximate distances that were taken from a road map, I don’t know how accurate these distances are but they are probably pretty close.

Prescott to Skull Valley on Iron Springs Rd. 17 miles

Skull Valley to Kirkland 7 miles

Kirkland to Hillside 17 miles

Hillside to Hwy 96/97 Jct 18 miles

Jct to Hwy 93 16 miles.

Skull Valley is the first community on the return trip and Kirkland is the second community. Somewhere in there, the name, “Iron Springs Rd”. is dropped and it becomes Hwy 96. The next community is Hillside and there will  be signs along the route, in any case, remain on Hwy 96 West and it will eventually intersect with Hwy 97. At that junction, 96 will take you to Bagdad, AZ so you want to turn left on Hwy 97 which will take you to Hwy 93. Turn Left on Hwy 93 (south) and head toward Wickenburg. As I recall, this is approximately 40 miles but it doesn’t matter; you can’t possibly get lost at this point.

We will stop in Wickenburg at the Quick Stop on the right side of the road as we approach town from the north

After Wickenburg, we head South to Hwy 74, the Carefree Hwy, and turn east and then head for home. This should be a great drive and something a bit different for a change.

I will be sending out the tour details in a few days but for now, as always, I will need your RSVP for the restaurant head count, please be prompt with this.



Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club

PS: Annual dues are due for everyone March first.

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