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Grumpy Jake's at Lakeside - 7/22/17

CLUB LUNCHEON TOUR FOR SATURDAY JULY 22ND 2017 will be a new one: Grumpy Jake's  in Lakeside.


Starting point will be exit 197, Tomahawk Road,  off  HWY 60 near Apache Junction. We will meet at the gas station on the N.E. corner at 9:00 AM and depart at 9:15 AM. Please have a full fuel tank at the start and bring this route guide, your club radio, club name tags and we recommend a state map, always.  


We'll get on Hwy 60 and drive east to Superior which is about 32 miles from the start and we'll keep going to Miami which is another 24 miles. After passing through Miami we will continue 6 miles on Hwy 60 to Globe and at the east end of town on the right hand side we will have a 15 or 20 minute stop at the gas station for a comfort break and fuel if you need it but you shouldn't if you started with a full tank.


We'll take Hwy 60/77 north out of Globe and I use the two numbers because it is marked both ways on the map I have but in any case this is the route through the very scenic Salt River Canyon. It's about 86 miles to our next waypoint which is the intersection of hwy 60 & 260 in Show Low. We will turn right on to Hwy 260 which will take us through Show low, Pinetop/Lakeside where the restaurant is located, this stretch is about 12 miles. This is a commercial district with a lot of traffic lights and usually speed monitoring in one form or another so be careful.


We have an area set aside for our group under the name of the BMW Roadster Club. I estimate we will arrive around 12:30.  The return route is optional but there are really only two routes, the same way we drive up or Hwy 260 back through Show Low, Heber, Payson and then Hwy 87 south. I'm guessing that  most of us will return through Show Low, Heber & Payson.  We'll make arrangements to refuel together and try to caravan back home as a group. In the past, this seems to get overlooked and it's silly to drive home alone when you could be with the group, not only is it safer and more fun your odds of getting a speeding ticket are greatly reduced unless you're the lead car, when you drive alone you're ALWAYS the lead car ~~~~ not good !!!




Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club


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