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Discovery Channel 4.3m Telescope Tour  - 4/14/18


Our April 2018 club tour will take place on Saturday the 14th. This one is really something special, a private tour of the Discovery Channel 4.3 meter telescope in Coconino National Forest near Happy Jack, AZ.

We can thank our club members, Bob & Pam Walker for getting this started for us, it was their idea and an excellent one at that. When we get to this destination, there will be something very interesting to experience rather than to just eat and return home.

We’ll start the tour by meeting at the Target shopping center in Fountain Hills at 8:45 AM, right in front of the Target store or inside the lobby where Starbucks has coffee & snacks available and of course, also restroom facilities.

We’ll depart at 9:00 AM sharp on 87 north and when we reach Payson, we will make the usual 15, minute comfort break at the gas station on the corner. Then we will proceed up the rim, past Clint’s Wells. Remember, that ¼ mile north of Clint’s Wells, you have to make a left turn to get on Hwy 87A, if you go straight ahead on 87 you will end up in Winslow. Once on 87A we proceed to the cut off that will take us to the DCT, it’s a short distance off the highway. Go to this link and it will show you where it is and also includes GPS coordinates (latitude is 34:44:39.498 deg N and longitude is 111:25:21.054 deg W.  Altitude is 2337m and the GPS frame is WGS84) You will be looking for mile marker 306. Or, you can simply enter this address into your navigation system 39989 Lake Mary Road, Mormon Lake, AZ.

I don’t know how long the tour will take, that depends upon the number of members who attend, they may have to split us into two groups depending upon how many of us there are. In any case, lunch is going to be substantially delayed so I suggest you eat a big breakfast. If the Mormon Lake restaurant is open on that date, I will know ahead of time and may make lunch reservations for our group and the option is to backtrack to Pine and have lunch there. We are working on a suitable restaurant in Pine that can handle our group. In any case, we’ll be eating a late lunch somewhere.

PLEASE send me your RSVP in a timely manner and set the day aside for this different and interesting event.

There will be more information coming out on this tour but this is all we have right now. I need an EXACT head count for the folks at the DCT so as always, I will need your RSVP for the restaurant head count. Please email your RSVP so I will know who to expect at the starting point.


Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club


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