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Pima Air Museum in Tucson - 02/09/19


Our destination is the Pima Air Museum in Tucson with a basic lunch at the Flight Grill right on the premises but a good selection of hot or cold sandwiches, and a variety of salads. Nothing fancy but it is convenient and will eliminate the need to get in our cars and drive in Tucson traffic to a local restaurant hoping they can handle a group as big as ours will be.

We will meet near Apache Junction on Interstate 60 and Goldfield Road NOT TOMAHAWK RD. Goldfield road is exit 198 off Int 60 and 1 mile east of Tomahawk where we usually meet when we travel east on Int 60. DON’T GET OFF AT TOMAHAWK RD

When you exit Int 60 @ Goldfield Rd, exit  #  198, turn right and in about 500 feet, you will see a Chevron station on the east side of Goldfield Rd, that is the meeting place. We’ll meet at 8:30 AM and depart at 8:45 AM.

We’ll get back on Int 60 and travel east to the Florence cutoff, about 13 miles where we will bear to the right and pick up hwy 79 south. We’ll be passing through the city of Florence and eventually arrive at Oracle Junction 52 miles later where we will pick up hwy 77 south which I believe is also called Oracle Blvd or Road but the name doesn’t matter. It is approximately a 20- mile drive south on Hwy 77 to Ina Rd where we will turn right (west) and drive another 7 miles in order to pick up Interstate 10. This involves a bit of backtracking but it’s the best overall route to take and enjoy our BMW Z cars and avoid heavy city traffic, police and traffic lights everywhere. The only alternative route is to take Interstate 10 all the way from Phoenix to the museum and that is NOT a fun, scenic or interesting drive.

We’ll turn left off Ina Road on to Interstate 10 and drive 11 miles south east to Valencia Road where we will exit Int 10 and follow Valencia Rd east to the museum located at  6000 E Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ 85756.

Admission to the museum is $16.50 per person and I am not aware of any discounts that may be available but we can ask at the ticket window.

Please send back your RSVP (if you haven't already) ASAP so I will know whom to expect and look for at the start of the tour so please send that to me in a timely manner.

As always, please start the tour with a full fuel tank, your club name tag and your club communication radio. I have no idea what the temperatures will be inside or outside of the museum but come properly prepared so you will be comfortable whatever the weather is like.

We can discuss the return trip during or after our lunch as a group and the route you take is optional.
Actually, there are essentially only two choices, the same way we drive down or take Interstate 10 all the way back to Phoenix, your choice, there will most likely be two groups taking either one of these routes.
Departure time is also optional of course, not everyone will want to spend the entire day there so feel free to leave whenever the mood strikes you.

Thanks for supporting the club with your attendance on this tour.


Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club

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