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Lunch at Little America - 05/18/19

After 22 years of club history, it is getting difficult to come up with something new in the way of a club tour, we have been everywhere in the state several times. For our May, 18, 2019 tour, I have selected a luncheon at Little America in Flagstaff. The old timers in the club always enjoy this tour and the beautiful destination and I’m sure the newer members will enjoy it as well.

The tour will be on Saturday May18th 2019 to Little America  restaurant in  Flagstaff

We will meet in Fountain Hills at the Target shopping center in front of the Target store. There is a Starbucks in their front lobby and restrooms available. The Target center is located at Shea Blvd and Saguaro Blvd in Ftn Hills. We will meet at 9:15 AM and depart at 9:30 AM, then, we will head north on Hwy 87 to Payson where we will take a 15-minute comfort break near the casino gas station.  After the break, we will continue north on highway 87 up the Tonto Rim and continue to Clint’s Wells where we can stop for a comfort break at the porta pottie. Getting back on 87, in about ¼ mile, we make a left turn and pick up Hwy 87A toward Flagstaff, DO NOT GO STRAIGHT AHEAD AND TAKE HWY 87 TO WINSLOW.   We will continue on hwy 87A also known as Lake Mary Road, through Happy Jack, Mormon Lake, Lake Mary and finally to Flagstaff. This is a beautiful drive through the Coconino National Forest on a paved, road with very little traffic. As we approach Flagstaff from the southeast we will be on Lake Mary Road and we'll be making a right hand turn  at the traffic light beyond the overpass to navigate to  Interstate 40. After a few more right hand turns it will take us to Interstate 40. There is not much advance warning after the "40" sign so go slowly as you search it out. You will be turning to the right up the “on ramp” and then you will be headed to the turnoff that takes you to Albuquerque so look for the Albuquerque signs and follow them. In about 3 or 4 miles, look for signs on the right that say, "Little America" exit # 198 and that is the correct “off ramp,” and that is where you get off. Little America will be down that road a short distance straight ahead and on your right. Select either of the two gas stations and fill the tank and then find a parking place in the hotel parking lot and enter the building through the main entrance, the dining room will be to your right down a long, wide hallway, just tell whomever is there that you are with the BMW Roadster club.

After lunch, as a group, we can all decide on which route we prefer to take home and those members can form up as a group and travel together. There are a few different routes to return to the Valley, the same way we went up or take I 17 all the way home or you can take Oak Creek Canyon down to Sedona and from Sedona there are two alternate routes, consult your state map which we recommend you bring with you on every club tour.  We can discuss this toward the end of the luncheon and everyone is free to pair up with whomever they wish and select whatever route you prefer. In any case, it’s a lot more fun to caravan back home as a group rather than being all spread out which is what usually happens unless we plan ahead and be organized. "Togetherness ' is beneficial should there be car trouble with your Z and also safer from the standpoint of "warnings" if "officer friendly" is monitoring traffic with radar.

This is usually a full day of driving (which is a good thing because that’s what the club is all about) Please have a full fuel tank at the start and print out this guide and bring it with you and remember to bring your club radio and your club name badge.

Please email me your RSVP in a timely manner so I will have a head count for the restaurant.


Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club

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