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October 10 - Prescott with lunch at Watson Lake Park

Please bring this page with you.

Let's meet at the Albertsonís center on Carefree Highway 1/2-mile East of interstate 17 on the north side of Carefree Hwy. Please meet on the east side of the McDonalds parking area and arrive no later than 8:45 AM for a departure at 9:00 AM sharp. Coffee, donuts and a restroom are available inside the Albertsonís store not far from McDonalds. I have been told today, 9/27/20 that the McDonalds restrooms are open now, so we can take our comfort break there as we did previously prior to the general Covid 19 Pandemic or use the facilities in Albertsonís.

Please arrive with a full fuel tank, your club name badge and bring your club Baofeng radio along with a copy of this route guide. We also encourage you to bring an Arizona map. You might want to review this agenda and routing before you start the tour, in order to avoid any wrong turns or confusion and to get a general idea of the tour especially if it is your first time.

When departing the starting point, will head west on Carefree Highway (74) to Hwy 60, (about 20 miles) and turn north to Wickenburg on hwy 60 where we will stop at McDonalds for a 15-minute comfort break. We depart &  pick up Hwy 60/93 from there, turning right off the traffic circle and picking up Hwy 89. About 4 miles down hwy 89 it branches off to the right, DO NOT TAKE HWY 89 keep to the left instead, which is actually straight ahead and you will be on Hwy 93 heading toward Kingman. It is approximately 30 miles from our comfort stop to Hwy 97 turnoff and the nearby town of Bagdad. This intersection is marked but not really well, just a small sign on the right shoulder so pay attention, it is easy to drive right past it, someone does on every trip. Turn right on 97 and follow it until it intersects with Hwy 96. At that junction you will turn right and follow Hwy 96 through the towns of Hillside, & Kirkland where there is the Kirkland Steak House and a Post Office turn left toward the Post Office and park with the group. The front runners stop at the Post Office to allow everyone to catch up before we continue on into Prescott. Consult the state map you brought along if necessary.

A safety suggestion here, hwy 96 has a number of dips in it and blind curves; it is common to be hitting the brakes so your car doesnít bottom out in the dips so please donít follow the car in front of you too closely. Allow some slow down and braking room for the car in front of you. Please donít overdrive your ability on this road, we never leave anyone behind, drive at your own safe comfort level, someone will wait up for you if you fall behind and monitor your radio or cell phone so we know where you are.

On the outskirts,we'll be entering Prescott on Iron Springs Road, keep following it as the name changes to Miller Valley Road, continue on Miller Valley Road to Gurley St, and turn left on Gurley street, continue past the courthouse on Montezuma Ave and drive east until it intersects with Hwy 69 in about 2.5 miles, and then bear left on Hwy 89. In about 5 miles you will soon come to a traffic circle, with directions to the park, Watson Lake Road, itís a right hand turn out of the circle follow it and weíll figure out where we go from there. There is a $3.00 entry fee per car and requires 3 single dollar bills in the machine, please be sure you are prepared for that. A screenshot of the traffic circle by the lake is below, the green park area and beyond and in black is the lake itself. Weíll be somewhere in the large green park area; weíll have to figure it out when we get there.

We were unable to rent a ramada so weíll eat under the shade of a tree, bring a blanket along with your lunch. The roads are all paved and there are designated parking areas not far from where we will picnic (I am told) Also, there are restrooms that are available for use in the park, again, (I am told.)

Please send me your RSVP.

 Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club

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