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September 16-19, 2021 - Durango Tour


Depart Thursday, September 16th: Gather @ 7:45 and depart @ 8:00 AM sharp from Albertson’s, see below.

Stating point is the Albertson’s center on Carefree highway ¼ mile East of interstate 17. We meet at the east sided of McDonalds.There is a restroom available in Albertson’s and McDonalds, also coffee and snacks. Arrival time is no later than 7:45 and we’ll depart sharply at 8:00 AM. Colorado is 1 hour ahead of us so we will essentially lose one hour when we cross the Colorado state line.

We’re going to take interstate 17 to Flagstaff, but we will have a 15 minute comfort break at Camp Verde. There is a McDonalds there if you want refreshments as well.  

We will get back on Interstate 17 to Flagstaff where we will pick up Hwy 40 east and exit at off ramp 201 Country Club Drive.   (This is all well marked but just slow down watch the signs and pay attention)  

Turn left and cross over the freeway (hwy 40)  but keep to the right hand lane and then turn right on highway 89 which comes up real fast.  DO NOT TURN ON TO ROUTE 66. 

Our next destination is Cameron for an early lunch, about 45 miles north of Flagstaff on Hwy 89, we should be arriving around 10:30 but since we all had an early breakfast, we’ll be ready to eat. We are estimating about 1 hour for lunch and fuel  (Gas at the Cameron Trading Post)  and then we’ll continue north on Hwy 89 and turn right on to hwy 160 to Tuba City, Kayente, Mexican Water, Tec Nos Pos, then cross into Colorado (near 4 corners) remain on highway 160 to Cortez. If needed, we can stop at any of those small towns for a comfort break or fuel but the next planned stop would be Cortez.

We have no destination planned at Cortez but we’ll keep our eyes open and select a gas station and call it out on the radio, the next stop is Durango about 60 more miles.

The total mileage is about 466 door to door. We’re not posting the estimated arrival times at these waypoints because it really doesn’t matter; we get there when we get there but the overall time is about 8 hours door to door with stops and with the time change, 9 hours by the clock.

Considering we tend to keep a high average speed we should arrive at the Hampton Inn at about 5:00 PM Durango time, maybe a bit earlier. We’ll have time to rest, freshen up and get to enjoy the evening. There are no club/group plans for that evening, you may want to take the tram to downtown Durango, walk through the tourists traps and select a restaurant for dinner. Usually teaming up with another couple or two makes this more fun. There are a couple restaurants within walking distance of the Hampton Inn.

Please remember to bring this guide along with a map of Arizona and Colorado, your FRS radio, club name tag and start with a full fuel tank.

On the 19th, we will return. Depart Hampton Inn Parking lot @ 8:00 AM

0800 – full tank and ready to go and depart on time.

We will depart Durango headed to Cortez which is the same road we came into town on; Hwy 160 West. 45 miles.

We will probably need to stop in Cortez to get rid of the breakfast coffee/tea and, the next 130 miles are going to be a little short on places to stop.

Coming out of Cortez, we will stay on Hwy 160 and head south for 20 about miles. At the next junction, we turn right to stay on the 160 and remain on 160 through Teec Nos Post, Mexican Water, and then  Kayenta which is 163 miles from Durango and we’ll have lunch there. If anyone needs a comfort break during the intervening 163 miles, there are a few gas stations in small towns where this can be addressed, just call it out on your club radio and we’ll make a short comfort break.

We will have lunch in Kayenta at the Amigo Cafe. TripAdvisor lists them as the #1 Restaurant in Kayenta. They are located just North of Hwy 160 on Hwy 163. They will be on the right side of 143 just after the traffic light at the junction of these two Highways. Since they don’t take reservations, and might be full when we get there. Our back-up plan will be to eat at the local Burger King which is straight ahead on 160 just past the signal on your right.

After lunch we resume driving south on hwy 160 about 174 miles to the town of Tuba City where another comfort break is available if anyone needs it, again, call it out on the radio and we’ll stop there.

160 intersects with AZ 89 sixteen miles further down the road where we turn left on to hwy 89 and toward Cameron. Essentially, we’re returning on exactly the same route we took up and things will look familiar to you.

There is almost always a speed trap coming down the hill out of Tuba City, so be careful, Indian Police love those traffic fines. If you prefer not to lunch in Kayenta, an alternate will be Cameron which is 98 miles further, your choice, but it breaks up the group which isn’t critical. Wherever we or you decide to sop for lunch, Flagstaff is the next stop and you will probably want to fuel up and that will get you all the way home.
there is a Shell station just outside of Flagstaff on the right side of the road, this is before you start navigating to Interstate 40 West. A few miles on I-40 West, and then you are going to want to be to the right to transition to I-17 South.

Maybe you want to stop at Rock Springs for “home-made” PIE?

We can discuss it on the two-way radio. Rock Springs is about 50 miles north of Phoenix.

Please email your RSVP.


Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club

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