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November 13 - Augie's Restaurant in Prescott


We will tour to Prescott by way of Wickenburg and Yarnell. We’ll be having lunch at Augie’s restaurant located in the Frontier Village Center 1721 AZ-69 Prescott, 86301  ph 928 777 0330.

If you use Garmin or any other navigation equipment just enter the address of Augie’s but it might give you a route other than the one in this guide. Once you turn on to Haisley Road, your equipment will recalculate to correspond to our actual route. We have a lunch reservation in the private banquet room at 12:30.


Let's meet at the Albertson’s center on Carefree Highway 1/2-mile East of interstate 17 on the north side of Carefree Hwy. We’ll meet there at 9:30 AM and depart @ 9:45 AM. Please meet in the parking lot at the east side of the McDonalds. Coffee, donuts and a restroom are available inside Albertson’s & McDonalds and there is a gas station on the west side of McDonalds if you need to fill the tank.

Please arrive with a full fuel tank and bring your club Baofeng radio along with a copy of this route guide and your club’s name tag. Departing the shopping center, we will head west on Carefree Highway to Hwy 60, (about 20 miles) and turn north to Wickenburg where we will stop at McDonald's for 15-minute comfort break. Then pick up Hwy 60/93 from the traffic circle in Wickenburg and drive North which is a right hand turn out of the traffic circle. About 5 miles out of town Hwy 89 branches off to the right and that is the way you want to go, towards Yarnell. Do not take Hwy 93 to Kingman. This intersection is marked with the small “89” sign on the right shoulder so pay attention, it is easy to drive right past it, follow the Z in front of you to Hwy 89.

We will remain on Hwy 89 until we are about 3 miles south of downtown Prescott and at that location you will see Hidden Valley Drive. Shortly thereafter, the road marker 309 is an important waypoint because about ¼ mile north of it is Haisley Road and that is where you want to turn right, this is where your Garmin will recalculate to our actual route. Haisley Road changes name to Senator Hwy but just continue following it until you get to Gurley Street where you will make a right hand turn and drive about one mile to the intersection of Hwy 89 and Hwy 69. Bear to the right and take Hwy 69, drive approximately one mile and you will see Augie’s restaurant in the Frontier Village Center on your right.

We will need fuel to get back home, there is a Union 76 about two blocks from the restaurant. 1555 Hwy 69

There are two possible routes to take to return home, we may not all want to take the same return route, driver's choice.

1) return the same way we drove up, Hwy 89, the most driving fun.

2) Remain on hwy 69 east that takes you to interstate 17 (the most boring) (lots of cops patrolling hwy 69 don't  speed there)

Please email your RSVP.


Paul Ebeyer, President Arizona BMW Z Series Club

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