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CA different destination for the the Club!

SATURDAY, February 4th, 2023

We will be going to DeMarcoís Italian restaurant in Globe for lunch. We have never eaten there previously.
Our reservation includes a private room for our lunch group and our ETA is 12:30 on Saturday, February 4.
The winter months limit our choice of destinations due to weather conditions up north which may be unfriendly to our Z cars. Therefore, our destination choices are limited. However, I feel the selected destination will be a good one and definitely something new which is a big plus.

Weíll meet at 10:15 AM and depart at 10:30AM on Goldfield Road off Hwy 60. Our starting point will be exit 198, Goldfield Road. When you come down from the hwy 60 offramp, the Chevron station will be about 50 yards south of the ramp on the east side of Goldfield Road. Fuel and bathrooms are available and also snacks.

At the link above, you can review the menu and see photos of the restaurant. It is located somewhat toward the east end of Globe. The address is 1103 N. Broad Street Globe, AZ 85501 and the phone number is 928.402.9232. The road distance from Goldfield Road to Globe is about 60 miles and a few more miles to DeMarcoís - maybe  65 to 70 overall.

Most of us will want to gas up before returning home and there are a variety of gas stations in Globe. If you wish to tour home with other members, we can arrange that during or after the lunch. Itís always a good idea to tour with other members in the event of an emergency or breakdown so you will have someone to help you whatever the circumstances may be.

Please send me your RSVP ASAP so I will have that very important head count for the restaurant. The maximum the private room can legally hold is 35 souls but we will probably have fewer than that.

Iíll look forward to receiving your RSVP and also the opportunity to tour again after the touring hiatus during December and January.
We will try to have a minor club tour in early March, approximately 4 weeks out from Feb 4th and prior to our March 25th feast at Jim & Pamís home to celebrate the clubs 25th anniversary. More info will be coming out on an early March tour.

Amazing! We are almost at 25 years of doing this and itís still a ton of fun. I guess we all picked the right hobby to spend time on. Our members are in agreement that our club membership is the most wonderful group of people most of us have been associated with in our lifetime and weíll look forward to an exciting and fun filled year of touring and social events in 2023.

Many thanks for your support of the club. Without you, there would be no club and each of you is very much appreciated.

Best wishes for 2023,

Paul, President,

Mike Hunt VP

Jim Warren Treasurer

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