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The destination will be the Belfry Grill & Brewery in Cottonwood. It has been                highly recommended by 4 of our members who have eaten there previously and they all grade it as a “5”

We will meet at the Albertson’s complex, about ½ mile east of interstate 17 on the north side of Carefree Hwy just east of the McDonalds parking lot. There are restrooms, coffee, and snacks available at both McDonalds and Albertsons.

We will meet at 8:45 and depart at 9:00. Our ETA at the brewery is approximately 12:30 to 1:00
It is about 3.5 hrs. from the start to destination with fuel breaks and comfort stops. Unfortunately, this requires an early start making it tougher for members in the SE Valley, sorry about that

When departing Albertsons, we will head west about 20 miles on Carefree Hwy74, to Hwy 60/93 and turn north to Wickenburg, it is about another 10 miles to Wickenburg on 93 where we will stop for a 15-minute comfort break at Mc Donald’s. leaving McDonalds, we will turn right to the traffic circle and follow the signs for hwy 93 north toward Kingman. However, in about 5 miles, hwy 93 will go straight to Kingman and you don’t want to go there. Instead, watch for the sign that says hwy 89 to the right and take hwy 89 to Yarnell & Prescott, the correct route.

Once on hwy 89, you will pass through the small towns of Yarnell, Congress, Peoples Valley and Willhoit, Watch your speed through these small towns. Continue on 89 through the Prescott National Forest (beautiful drive) until you see mile post 309. Almost immediately past it is WALDEN ROAD on the right and then it is almost exactly ¼ mile farther to Haisley Road where you turn right. Keep following Haisley Rd. the name changes to Senator Highway and then again to Mt Vernon Ave. this will take you to Gurley Street where you will turn right and follow it east until you see the junction in the road where hwy 89 goes north and hwy 69 goes east. It is a very short distance to this intersection so stay to the left and follow the sign that goes north on Hwy 89. Ignore signs taking you to hwy 69. Follow hwy 89 north past Watson Lake and Granite Dells, in a few miles, you will be at the intersection of hwy’s 89 and 89A. Make a right turn on to hwy 89A and follow the 89A signs that will reference “Jerome.” In a few miles it will require a left turn to remain on 89A but it is not difficult to see or follow, there is a traffic light at that intersection. Jerome will probably be crowded on a Saturday so there is no planned stop, just continue 89A through the town and you will be going downhill to Cottonwood. At the bottom of the hill there will be a gas station on the corner and we will stop there for a comfort break and fuel if needed.

After departing the gas station, we will turn right, which is Main Street in Cottonwood also numbered hwy 89A. Follow Main Street to the Belfry Grill & Brewery at 791 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, 86326. If you use GPS, this will make it easy. I have never been to this facility but maybe some members who have been there can take the lead and we will follow them. In any case, with GPS, it should make it easy. The phone number for the Belfry Grill & Brewery is 928 239 4595 if you need it.

This will be a long day round trip tour.There are various choices for returning to the Valley. Some of us will drive together on the return drive, we can make those arrangements during or after the lunch. A fuel fill-up will be required by some of us prior to heading home.

Please email me your RSVP for this event so I will have a good head count for the restaurant, it is always the first thing they ask me for when I phone them to make reservations. I have taken the liberty to remove the names of members who spend the Arizona summers out of town or will be absent for other reasons. I hope we get a good turnout and I’m sure the weather will be a lot cooler at the higher elevations. Cottonwood is 3314 feet. If I have errored with the attendance list, please send me a correction. The RSVP Excel file is attached and we hope you can attend the event.

Please bring this tour guide, your club radio, club name tag and a state map. Bringing your appetite along will also be a good idea😊

Thanks, looking forward to another great drive and socializing time.

Paul Ebeyer, President

Mike Hunt, VP

Jim Warren, Treasurer

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