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Recommended Radio
for Club Events
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The Z Series club recommends the Baofeng UV 5RT radio. This is the radio our Z Series club uses to communicate from car to car while on tours. There are many suppliers and the prices are competitive - usually around $30. The club's original group purchase was from MTC Radio, where the transaction was done in an honest and friendly manner.

[For a limited time, we have some Baofeng radios available for purchase from the Club for $35.00. Contact our president PAUL EBEYER to express your interest.]

To use it for Club events, you need to have your radio programmed by our Club radio expert, Loren Shirk; you can contact him by clicking HERE. It's simply a matter of getting it into his hands. Just contact him and plan to meet up with him at the next event or make other arrangements. After Loren programs your radio it will automatically boot up to channel 3 (the channel we use for touring) when turned on.

The radio comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet in the event you want to use the radio for purposes other than our car club touring.  

As received, the battery needs to be charged and the package includes a wall charger and ear bud with PTT (push-to-talk) switch.  We prefer our members do not use the voice activated mic because wind noise activates the mic and locks up the channel so nobody can use it.

These radios have 10 times the power of the more common FRS/GRMS radios and that extra power
allows communications over greater distances and also improves audio quality.

If you still have an older FRS/GRMS radio it's compatible with the Baofeng. But of course if you don't already have an FRS/GRMS radio, or want the increased range and audio quality, we suggest you start with the Baofeng since it's very reasonable in cost.

There are some accessories that will make your Baofeng perform even better than the stock version:

  • Consider a much more powerful battery.  The Baofeng comes with a 1900 mAh (mili amp hour) battery but there is a 3800 mAh battery available, which means you can go twice as long between charges. You may want to order one or more of these to ensure you never end up with a dead battery while on tour. Here is a link to one vendor  and here is another place to buy them. There are likely others as well.

  • The short antenna is good for close proximity, but not especially good for long distance.  The more antenna, the better the reception. There is an improved, 7.5 inch antenna that will enhance distance and audio functions of the Baofeng UV 5RT, or you may want to get an even longer 15.5 inch. The caveat to that is you will also more easily hear others in local areas talking, and many times more 'static' as your receiver is more sensitive and is trying to receive inadequate signals.  If the top is up on your car it reduces transmit and receive.

  • You might also want to consider a power cable that plugs into the power outlet in your car (cigar lighter). Note: when using this device, your radio is running directly off your car's power, but it does NOT charge the radio's battery.

  • For more info on radios, email our radio expert, Loren Shirk.

If you have questions, comments, or problems with this page, Send E-Mail to the Club's WebMeister