Information on 7/15/05 Colorado Tour:

Link to Excel file with itinerary

Train reservations:

The message below, from Judy Wood is self explanatory. Since we can't phone in with our individual credit cards, perhaps the best way to handle this with such a short operating window, is to mail a club check and have the members reimburse the club. Please follow these steps >>>>

1) mail a check to Virgil Jackson for $119.90 for two tickets for the Champaign lunch and train ride. Virgil's address is 10417 E. Charter Oak Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85259 [ we all need to do this right away or we'll piss off the Treasurer :-) ]

2) Go to this web site, make your lunch selection and email it to Judy wood at (please email me a copy at Please include your first and last names so Judy can identify with the list.

3) Virgil will mail a club check made out to Judy Wood in the amount of $1438.80. ($59.95 x 24) This also covers the two tickets for the Woods but they have to be included in our group. The Woods will reimburse the club through step # 2 above. Judy's mailing address is 5401 County Road Salida, Colorado 81201

3) time is of the essence due to the deadline of June 17th

this is the list of participants

1) Ebeyer

2) Jackson

3) Parks

4) Hunt

5) Dunn

6) Swan

7) Sobelman

8) McCown

9) Johnson

10) Taylor

11) Comstock

Please contact me if there are any questions on any of this. Thanks, Paul

Salida Trip:

Hi Paul, We are still compiling info to send to you and should have the rest by morning. The hotel will be The Comfort Inn, their group person will call me in the morning and I will block the rooms. They still had plenty available today, and the rate should be about $89.00, or less per person. Their number is 719-539-5000. The river rafting trip will be with Arkansas River Tours, the breakdown is: Class 3 Water (not so rough) out of Brown's Canyon 1/2 Day - $39.78 per person Full Day - $68.15 per person

Class 4 Water - Royal Gorge 1/2 Day - $51.15 Full Day - $84.31 This includes all Tax

The train trip at the Royal Gorge is the Royal Gorge Route, their website is royal gorge, is $59.95 per person for the lunch trip which leaves at 12:30 PM and is 24 miles, a 2 to 2 1/2 hour trip. Check out the menu on the web, it looks fantastic, the coaches have been refurbished. They require 1/2 down to book the group, so you can let us know on that.

We are checking out the restaurants, and are going to scan those menus and e-mail that info to you tomorrow. On the day when some people may be rafting and some shopping, there are many art galleries, Antique shops, gift shops ect just in the Historic Downtown Area. Also, there is the Hot Springs Pool, if some people want to swim, or hiking or the horseback riding rates are $65.00 per person for 4 hour trips. We will include more info in the morning when Frank gets it compiled.

We are looking so forward to being with all of you, it should be a great time had by all.

Thanks Judy & Frank

Tour Updates:

I made contact today with Frank Woods in Salida. He is in process of getting us the best rates at a couple different hotels in Salida for the 3 nights we will be there. He expects to tie it down in the next few days and report back to me with the best selection of amenities and price. Then we can call in individually and secure our reservations.

Frank suggested 3 different activities that may be of interest to some or all of our group. As I look over our list of 12 participants, I think I can fairly accurately predict what will be of interest to whom and apply the appropriate head count for each of 3 activities.

1) horse back riding (my guess is maybe 1 couple who probably wouldn't want to go alone anyway) 2) river rafting, either full day or 1/2 day (my guess is 3 couples) 3 Scenic train ride through Royal Gorge 1/2 day (probably everyone)

Frank will overnight with us in Durango on Friday the 15th and lead the drive to Salida Saturday morning. Since he knows the area so well, we'll be sure not to miss anything of interest.

Frank and I discussed the following agenda but nothing is sealed in concrete. Saturday 7/16 >>>>>> driving fun roads and visiting shops in the general area. Group dinner in PM Sunday 7/17 >>>>>>>choice of river rafting, horse back riding, "tourist trapping" or driving more scenic roads. Each couple makes their own choice. Monday 7/18 >>>>>>>> is best for the train ride because most of the tourist will be doing it on the weekend. In conjunction with the train ride is a one hour drive from Salida to the train depot through a very scenic area. After the train ride, time permitting, there is more scenic driving available in the same area as long as we're up to it.

I am in contact with the Hampton in for our stay on the evening of Friday July15th. I'm waiting for the "big wig" to call me back with the reduced rates for special groups like ours.

Looks like things are coming together. Frank suggested an Italian restaurant in Montrose for lunch on Saturday. He has eaten there a few times and says it's great but couldn't remember the name offhand. Michael Dunn has the assignment for lunch on the 16 th and may want to consult with Frank cell 1 719 337 2771 home office 1 719 539 8687

More updates as they become available




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